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  1. Possesses knowledge of District policies and regulations relating to areas of responsibilities.
  2. Serves in an advisory role to the Superintendent on all questions related to the financial and business management of the District.
  3. Implements all administrative regulations, board policies, and State and federal laws relevant to the financial management of the District.
  4. Prepares such fiscal reports and other related materials as are necessary or required by the School Board, the Superintendent, auditors or governmental agencies.
  5. Directs the operational accounting functions of the District including accounts payable, payroll, accounts receivable, and financial reporting as requested by appropriate governmental agencies.
  6. Assists the Superintendent in the preparation of the budget and administers a budget control system for the District.
  7. Performs budget management ensuring that all transactions are properly coded and accounted for, producing reports for principals and department heads, ensuring transactions are within budgetary limits.
  8. Maintains such accounts and accounting procedures that are necessary to prepare the reports on expenditures, revenues, and financial affairs of the District as required by auditors, laws, the School Board, and the Superintendent.
  9. Provides a monthly report on the status of the budget for the School Board.
  10. Calculates, presents, and files the District tax levy annually.
  11. Provides supervision of all insurance coverage, contracts, agreements and transactions affecting the business function of the District.
  12. Oversees staff benefit plans for district employees.
  13. Reconciles the monthly bank statements for all District held bank and Imprest accounts as well as perform monthly cash management and accounting.
  14. Reviews the individual building Student Activity Fund monthly, activity reports and the bank reconciliations provided by the building principal.
  15. Establishes and maintains a system of purchasing and inventory control for all capital outlay.
  16. Manages capital budget projects for the District and participates in contract/bid negotiations; maintains long-term facilities plan and recommends annual projects with appropriate funding sources.
  17. Maintains a fixed asset computer program for the District.
  18. Serves as the Safety Officer for the District.
  19. Oversees the student transportation program including: the safety of students on buses, establishing bus routes, and addressing parent concerns regarding school transportation in cooperation with school principal and the bus contractor.
  20. Oversees coordination of the district nutritional program and related state reporting.
  21. Compiles and submits financial data for all state and federal grants.
  22. Performs such duties and assumes such other responsibilities as the Superintendent may determine.


  1. Master’s Degree in Finance, Public Accounting, and/or School Business Administration
  2. Chief School Business Official Endorsement (or equivalent), preferred
  3. Five years of experience in finance management and/or school business administration
  4. Knowledge of all aspects of school district finances
  5. Experience with budgeting, tax levies and investments
  6. Technical competencies, including but not limited to accounting software, word processing, spreadsheets and email
  7. Outstanding communication skills—both oral and written—which are effective across a wide variety of audiences, including students, parents and staff
  8. High degree of organization; excellent time management skills
  9. Respects confidentiality in the workplace and maintains office professionalism
  10. Such alternatives and/or additions to the above as the Board may find appropriate


Minimum salary 150k -- but commensurate with experience + Board paid TRS and other benefits

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