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School Security Official 
Hourly Rate: $36.71
Daily Hours 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Overtime as needed)

Superintendent; and
Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations; and
Building Principals
The School Security Official (“SSO”) shall perform the following duties and responsibilities with due diligence and in a manner consistent with his/her training and applicable state and federal law. The SSO’s primary assigned location will be Columbia Central Middle School. However, the SSO is expected to report to and perform these duties at other District school buildings and facilities as needed.                                                              

  1. Work a schedule that will include days that students are in attendance (i.e. approximately 180 days), during normal school hours, including student arrival and dismissal times. On occasion, the SSO may be required to work evenings, for school-related events or sporting events and the SSO’s schedule and work hours will be adjusted accordingly. 
  2. Help maintain a safe atmosphere that is conducive to learning. The SSO may initiate appropriate action to address matters that threaten the safety and security of the school or its occupants, and/or intervene with staff or students (with or without a referral from school staff) when necessary to ensure the immediate safety of persons in the school environment in light of an actual or imminent threat to health or safety.  Any such intervention shall be reasonable in scope and duration in light of the nature of the circumstances presented and shall be reasonably calculated to protect the physical safety of members of the school community while minimizing, to the extent possible, any unintended negative effects on students.                                                              
  3. Interact with the students as a positive role model.
  4. Serve as a direct liaison with the local police department.
  5. Maintain communication with local law enforcement for sharing information with patrol staff and detectives. The SSO shall request the assistance of law enforcement when necessary to protect the safety and security of the school community. When practical or as soon as possible thereafter, the SSO shall advise the District Superintendent or Building Principal before requesting law enforcement assistance on campus.
  6. At the direction of the Superintendent or Building Principal, conduct investigations, searches and interviews of students or staff in accordance with District policy and applicable state and federal laws. Attend student or staff disciplinary hearings as directed by the Superintendent.
  7. Maintain confidentiality of student records or other confidential information about students or staff in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.
  8. Promote a positive working relationship with faculty and staff.
  9. Maintain a high level of visibility during school entrance and dismissal times as well as during passing periods.
  10. Meet with building administrators to advise them of potentially violent situations and to plan for the safe resolution of those situations.
  11. Assist with traffic control when necessary before and after school.
  12. Check unauthorized persons in and around district premises.
  13. Conduct residency checks with Administrators and other staff.
  14. Conduct Well-being checks with Administrators and other staff.
  15. Other duties as assigned by the Building Administration.


State of Illinois certification as a police officer (current or retired within the last two years).
Work experience as a police officer within the last five years.
Minimum of 48 hours of National Association of School Resource Officer (NASRO) training.
Ability and interest to function as a positive role model for students, to cooperate with District administrators, faculty and staff, and to promote a positive image of the District.
Successful completion of a criminal history records check in accordance with 105 ILCS 5/10-21.9 upon hire.

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