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Join our team! School District U-46 is looking for a qualified Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher. 

Function / Position Summary

To provide individualized instruction for our Deaf/Hard of Hearing students as mandated by individual student IEPs.

Job Duties / Responsibilities

  • Provide individualized academic instruction to students who are deaf and hard of hearing at the middle school grade levels
  • Incorporate district grade level curriculum and modify as needed for individual students
  • Administration of classroom, district and state assessment
  • Collaborate and communicate with parents and staff
  • Shared responsibility for testing students as determined by School Service Team discussion
  • Act as case manager including overseeing IEP and implementation of services
  • Complete data based screens for annual reviews/re-evaluations for case load students
  • Create data driven goals based on student need, grade level, and Common Core State Standards
  • Shared responsibility for entering present levels of information for initial evaluations including ELL evaluations as determined by School Service Team discussions
  • Update progress towards IEP goals at the trimester
  • Participate in annual review and case study meetings by collecting data, writing reports, and presenting at meetings
  • Oversee that goals are updated on data based screens by case manager and/or related service staff
  • Monitor case load for annual review and re-evaluation dates
  • Collaborate with Counselor to complete transition plans and Summary of Performance for students 14 years or older
  • Collect data and report in compliance with district, state, and federal IEP protocols, including specific testing by building and program
  • Provide instruction using Total Communication and manage other hearing needs as needed
    • Manage audio logical equipment
    • Read and interpret audiograms
    • Demonstrate knowledge of hearing loss, adverse effects, educational needs
    • Provide support for advocacy for students
  • Management and reporting of subject grades for instructional students
  • Integrate auditory training into classroom
  • Collaborate with high school staff to determine needs of transitioning students
  • Collaborate with Itinerant teacher to determine needs of exiting students, when necessary
  • Attend building/department meetings in accordance with ETA collective bargaining agreement
  • Attend school professional development
  • Perform other requirements of the job in accordance with the ETA collective bargaining agreement.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Will effectively manage instructional time, space and other resources.
  • Is able to develop and maintain a daily structure of routines that lends support to the student and promotes academic and social development.
  • Will maintain accurate (written and verbal) communication of assessment records and student progress towards academic and behavioral expectations within the classroom setting.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the building principal and administrative staff



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education from accredited university
  • Illinois Professional Educators License with an endorsement in Deaf/Hard of Hearing
  • Fluent in sign language and use of Total Communication
  • Previous teaching experience in special education

Experience / Knowledge

  • Possess and develops familiarity of grade level curriculum (Common Core Standards) and delivery is through student’s most efficient learning modality.
  • Should have knowledge of behavioral interventions that are scientifically researched to have proven positive results



  • Nine month position (189 work days)
  • $51,901 - $95,043 per year
  • Placement on the salary schedule is dependent on education and years of experience. 
  • Please note, the salary indicated in the offer is based on the 2022-2023 ETA bargaining unit agreement. The current agreement is under negotiation and the updated salary schedule is pending release. Upon ratification of the contract, the new salary schedule will be published.

How to Apply

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