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     The Chief School Business Officer/Certified Public Accountant is responsible for providing leadership in planning, developing, managing, implementing and maintaining services in compliance with established guidelines and achieving sound financial business services and budget according to the directives of the Board of Education.  

    The Chief School Business Officer and/or Certified Public Accountant shall be responsible for the following duties, including, but not limited to:

  2. Attend Board of Education meetings to provide support and information to the Superintendent and Board.
  3.   Conduct ongoing reviews of the Board policies on business office and fiscal management and make recommendations for needed updates or changes.
  4.   Implement and observe all Board policies and regulations and administrative rules and procedures.
  5.   Follow all Illinois School Code regulations relative to school business operations.  Participate with the Superintendent and Board in planning financial goals for the District.
  6. Manage investments and District insurance programs. 
  7.   Prepare monthly budget reports to the Superintendent and the Board of Education.
  8.   Prepare and file budget documents as required by the State of Illinois and coordinate annual financial projection for the Board with financial consultants.
  9.   Assume responsibilities as Treasurer for the District.
  10.     Manage county tax payments from the County Treasurer and attend village TIF meetings.
  11.     Oversee/manage all reports for accounting purposes including, but not limited to, monthly Treasurer’s Report.
  12.   Coordinate auditing services and file annual report.
  13.     Oversee accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources and payroll.
  14.   Supervise and evaluate Business Office employees.
  15.   Coordinate bids and projects in the District.
  16.   Monitor Food Service Program.
  17.   Participate in negotiations and prepare financial data reports as requested.
  18.   Remain current on all laws and processes required by local, State or Federal Government.
  19.   Conducts internal audits for the purpose of ensuring all financial program operations are within the budget and according to established fiscal practices.
  20.   Assists with the preparations of projections and long-range plans pertinent to the district’s financial needs.
  21.     Assure compliance with the Federal and State regulatory programs.
  22.   Supervises and prepares all claims for reimbursement from local, state and federal agencies as they pertain to the job responsibilities.
  23.   Oversee/approve all district vendor contracts/agreements.
  24. Assist and provide data regarding negotiations 
  25. Supervise food service company’s contract and business relationship with the district
  26. Other duties and/or tasks assigned by the Superintendent.   
  27.   Serve as liaison for Superintendent in the school community relations relative to the operations of the Business Office.
  28.   Inventory all District properties annually.
  29.   Review money transactions submitted by school and staff.
  30.   Participate in maintaining a healthy and safe environment for students.
  31.   Provides training and information for school staff to promote understanding of the District’s financial goals along with processes and procedures.
  32.   Solicits opinions from all groups and individuals and responds respectfully to identified problems.
  33.   Works cooperatively with public and private agencies.
  34.   Works with the Superintendent to provide the media with financial information, as needed.


Valid Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL) with a Chief School Business Officer (CSBO) endorsement as prescribed by the School Code (required) OR Certified Public Accountant

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