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POSITION:                   Principal


QUALIFICATIONS:       Must possess the qualifications and certification set by Illinois Law.


REPORTS TO:                Superintendent


SUPERVISES:                All personnel assigned to his/her building.


PRIMARY FUNCTION:   To serve as the instructional leader of the school and be responsible to the Superintendent for the operation and control of the school.  In cooperation with appropriate district personnel, he/she shall be

responsible of the organization, safety, administration, and supervision of the school. 




Standard 1:  Facilitating a vision of learning

  • Create the school goals with the students, staff, and community members.
  • Communicate the school goals with the students, staff, and community members.
  • Communicate progress towards school goals with the students, staff, and community members.
  • Communicate and model the district core values to the students, staff, and community members.
  • Seek financial, human, and material resources to support the implementation of the school goals.
  • Identify, clarify, and address any barriers which may interfere with reaching the school goals.
  • Monitor, evaluate, and refine the school goals and implementation plans as needed.


Standard 2:  School culture and instructional program

  • Treat all individuals equitably with fairness, dignity, and respect.
  • Focus professional development plans on student learning consistent with the school goals.
  • Acknowledge individual contributions and responsibilities.
  • Consider diversity in developing learning experiences for the students.
  • Encourage and model life-long learning in the school.
  • Create and maintain a culture of high expectations for self, students, and staff
  • Use appropriate technologies in teaching and learning.
  • Recognize student and staff accomplishments
  • Create multiple opportunities for students to learn
  • Organize and align the school operation for success.
  • Design, implement, evaluate, and refine the curricular and extra-curricular programs.
  • Base curriculum decisions on research and what is best for the students.
  • Assess the school culture on an ongoing basis.
  • Use multiple sources of data for decision making purposes.


Standard 3:  Management

  • Make decisions based on current knowledge of learning, teaching, and student development.
  • Design operational procedures to achieve the goals of the school and to maximize learning.
  • Recognize, study, and apply current trends of education as needed.
  • Effectively manage the collective bargaining and other contractual agreements.
  • Ensure that the school facility and equipment operate safely, efficiently, and effectively.
  • Manage time to maximize the attainment of the school goals.
  • Align all possible resources to the goals of the school.
  • Monitor and evaluate the organizational systems of the school and modify as needed.
  • Share responsibility to maximize the ownership and accountability of the school.
  • Demonstrate effective problem determining and solving skills.
  • Use technology effectively to manage school operations.
  • Manage school resources ethically, legally, efficiently, and effectively.
  • Create and maintain a safe, clean, and aesthetically pleasing school environment.
  • Supervise and evaluate all assigned personnel according to the district policies.
  • Be responsible that all building activities are adequately supervised.


Standard 4:  Collaboration with families and communities

  • Be visible and involved in the community.
  • Identify and nurture relationships with community leaders.
  • Maximize the use of information about family and community concerns
  • Maintain relationships with business, religious, political, and service agencies and organizations.
  • Treat individuals and groups with diverse values and opinions equitably.
  • Act as a resource to the community.
  • Establish partnerships with businesses, institutions of higher education, and community groups.
  • Integrate community resources and social services to enhance both common and school goals.
  • Model multi-cultural awareness, gender sensitivity, and racial and ethnic appreciation.
  • Develop and maintain media relations to enhance the school.
  • Provide opportunities for staff to develop collaborative skills.


Standard 5:  Acting with integrity, fairness, and in an ethical manner

  • Demonstrate a personal and professional code of ethics.
  • Demonstrate values, beliefs, and attitudes that inspire others to higher levels of performance
  • Serve as a role model to students, staff, and community members.
  • Protect the rights and confidentiality of others.
  • Recognize and respects the legitimate authority of others.
  • Open the school to public scrutiny.
  • Fulfill legal and contractual obligations.
  • Apply laws and procedures fairly, wisely, and considerately.


Standard 6:  The political, social, economical, legal, and cultural context

  • Communicate the trends, issues, and potential changes in the school environment.
  • Maintain ongoing dialogue between representatives of diverse community groups.
  • Comply with the policies, laws, and regulations enacted by local, state, and federal authorities.
  • Develop lines of communication with decision makers outside the school community.


** Perform other duties and assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent **

Additional Notes

This position may also be on an Interim basis for the remainder of the 2023-2024 school year.  Interim candidates should clearly indicate this intent and apply appropriately.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest to:

Mr. Shannon Anderson

Superintendent, Momence CUSD1


Link to District/Third Party Online Application Web Page


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Job Posting Date


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