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? Works with students on an individual basis for a variety of purposes, including but not
limited to the following:
? Discusses students’ interests and goals in order to facilitate engagement and
success in high school as well as to build a pathway post-secondary pursuits.
? Assists students in course selection that aligns to their pathway(s)
? Supports students in the solution of personal problems related to such problems
as academic achievement, home, and family relations, health, and emotional
? Works with students in small or large groups for a variety of purposes, including but not
limited to the following:
? Providing support for social-emotional needs
? Assisting with course selection
? Providing education as to post-secondary options and assisting with
post-secondary enrollment processes
? Explaining testing and reporting procedures and processes
? Collaborates and communicates with MTSS, Special Education, Deans, and
Administration members on a consistent basis.
? Registers students new to the school and orients them to school.
? Assists in balancing class size through schedule changes.
? Is conversant in student test data and oversees student access to scores and knowledge
of their meanings (ex. PSAT, SAT, ASVAB, etc.).
? Works to discover and develop special abilities of students.
? Works to prevent students from withdrawing from school.
? Provides appropriate student information to colleges and potential employers.
? Makes recommendations to colleges for admissions and scholarships.
? Initiates/monitors homebound instruction.
? Registers students for summer school.
? Coordinate and administer AP, PSAT, and SAT exams.
? Attends staffings on individual students for special education programs and, where
appropriate, initiates special education referrals.
? Obtains and disseminates career information to students.
? Confers with parents as necessary for individual student needs.
? Conducts informational meetings and workshops for parents.
? Consults with principals, deans, and faculty on the matters of academic achievement,
student behavior, and social emotional concerns. This includes participation in
problem-solving meetings, safety meetings, advisory presentations, etc.
? Examines and evaluates credentials for transfer students.
? Provides sufficient information to Tazewell-Mason Counties Special Education
Association when services are requested.
? Keeps current information concerning referral agencies in the community and
providing assistance to families.
? Supervises the preparation and processing of college, scholarships, and employment
? Makes each student aware of progress made toward graduation requirements and
notifies administration of tentative problems.
? Attends meetings regularly with the assistant principal and building level team
? Performs other such related duties as may be assigned.


? Valid Illinois Professional Educator License with endorsement in School Counseling
? A desire to make a difference in young lives
? The ability to work collaboratively with colleagues toward continuous improvement
? Demonstration of a positive, growth-oriented mindset

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