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Knowledge of the characteristics of student’s learning process, curriculum and instruction and classroom management skills.  Knowledge of methods, assessment tools and materials for teaching ESL is required.  Must be willing to fulfill the Duties and Responsibilities as detailed below. Prior experience preferred.


1. Knowledge of best practices for content instruction as related to English Learners. 

2.  Instruct students using research-based strategies of developmental language and curriculum acquisition to maximize opportunities for both content and language learning.

3. Collaborate and co-plan with colleagues to design instruction that is aligned with the WIDA levels of English Language Proficiency.

4. Must have an awareness of the special needs of students and the ability to work well with them and their parents.

5. May conduct workshops for teachers, order materials, equipment, and textbooks for students.

6. Communicate with Spanish-speaking, Arabic-speaking and English-speaking parents.

7. Prepare a time schedule for all assigned classes. 

8. Implement a planned instructional program to address student learning in the assigned classroom(s).

9. Initiate conferences with parents, staff, principals, and Director of Data, Reporting and Programs as needed.

10. Prepare and leave in the classroom lesson plans for several days work for normal instruction and for a substitute in the event the teacher is absent.

11. Provide supervision and enforce classroom and building management plans as incorporated in the District Discipline Code.

12. Assist the classroom teacher in conducting parent conferences regarding student progress.

13. Assume reasonable duties as directed by the Building Principal and/or District Administration.

14. Maintain records for DAISY meetings and be involved in Professional Learning.



Applicant must have a B.S. Degree in Elementary Education and a valid Illinois Teaching Certificate. Applicant is required to have ESL clinical experience equal to 100 clock hours or three months teacher experience with ESL students.  Must have ESL an Endorsement.


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Only Online Applications will be accepted and are available on our website: http://www.ces95.org/employment

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