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Function / Position Summary

To work collaboratively with school teams, students, building and district administration in the development and delivery of behavioral supports for students experiencing behavioral challenges.

Job Duties / Responsibilities

  • Prioritize and respond effectively to Tactical Assessment Team referrals for students.
  • Participate on the Tactical Assessment Team completing safety assessments, student evaluations, transition plans, and creating site-based intervention and support plans.
  • Collaboratively develop supports, strategies, and training materials to ensure that building teams are using effective, research-based interventions in supporting students with social emotional and/or behavior challenges through MTSS social emotional supports or development of an FBA/BIP
  • Assist through facilitation and coaching in the development of behavioral intervention strategies as well as formalized special education/MTSS Functional Behavior Assessments, Behavior Intervention Plans and safety plans.
  • Collaborate with the building problem solving team, including parents and outside agencies, when a student exhibits behavior challenges in the school environment.
  • Coach teams on collecting and analyzing data during the implementation of interventions and behavior intervention plans, and make recommendations for adjustments to the supports and strategies being implemented.
  • Participate in special education evaluations as needed as part of the Tactical Assessment Team.
  • Provide training in the use of positive behavior supports, intervention techniques, relationship building, restorative practices, and use of MTSS interventions.
  • Conduct observations, interviews, support implementation fidelity checks, and develop follow-up plans/procedures.
  • Develop a comprehensive district wide plan for the ongoing processes for placement, monitoring, and reviewing student placement which includes vision, goals, sequence, and timelines for development and implementation which promotes a collaborative culture, support continuous growth, and development of teacher practice and student learning, and incorporates existing initiatives such as the District’s Strategic Plan.
  • Advocate for students with school staff and administration.
  • Other duties as assigned



  • Experience in working with students with significant social emotional and behavior challenges.
  • LBS1, PEL with School Psychologist endorsement, LCSW and/or a Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis

Experience / Knowledge

  • Extensive knowledge behavior management and behavior modification strategies.
  • Demonstrate expertise in the area of data collection and behavior analysis.
  • Maintain a thorough understanding of FBA/BIPs, restorative practices, and CPI.
  • Strong knowledge and skills in the implementation of techniques and methodologies for effectively addressing the difficulties exhibited in the classroom by students with social emotional and behavior challenges which interfere with learning.
  • Knowledge of applicable laws, codes, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Skillful in effective interactions with team members, administrators, and staff.

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