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Position Summary: Under the direction of the School Principal instructs special education students in a classroom setting. Prepares lesson plans and instructional materials designed to meet the needs of individual students. Evaluates and monitors student's performance and may implement therapeutic programs for students.


Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

-Effect the courses of study and maintain adequate standard of achievement in their classes. 

-Serve as the advocate for all students with disabilities (SwD).

-Leave complete lesson plans for the following day in classroom before leaving school each day. All teachers shall provide their principal lesson plans for a week in advance when requested.

-Act as the liaison between teachers, administration, parents, and students.

-Develop an understanding of Special Education Law and CPS Policies.

-Possess impeccable communication and people skills.

-Be extremely organized.

-Have the ability to problem solve and multi-task.

-Maintain proficiency skills.

-Sustain compliance in meeting deadlines.

-Observe pupils for physical defects and evidence of communicable diseases. Any evidence shall be reported immediately to the principal.

-Reflect critically on teaching practice and implement improvement strategies as needed.

-Actively participate in all staff orientations, meetings, in-services, grade or department-level team meetings, parent meetings, student conferences or staff mission days.

- Engage in personal and professional development, goal setting, and establishment of classroom and school-wide performance standards and assessment of progress against those standards.

- Follows all expectations required of teachers according to the RIEA Contract Agreement and RIMSD Board Policies


Must be in possession of their LBS1 Teacher Certification


To learn more about the salary and benefits afforded, please view our RIEA Bargaining Agreement.

  • For salary, please turn to pages 31 and 50 
  • For leaves of absence, please turn to page 17.
  • For information about working conditions, please turn to page 35. 

How to Apply

To apply to this position, please complete the online application. 

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