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Essential Job Skills:

  • Provide social-emotional support services to all students as needed.
  • Provide ongoing, regular social-emotional support services to identified regular education students.
  • Identify "at risk" and truant students, establish communication with student/families in targeted group, assist students/families to improve students’ progress, and collaborate, monitor or make referrals to programs and supports.
  • Collaborate with students, parents, building staff, and administrators, to help students learn how to manage themselves, improve learning, organize information, make decisions, and plans that assists students in grade level transition.
  • Support implementation of a comprehensive clinical mental health and intervention program to create a supportive climate and atmosphere for all students.
  • Help students develop decision making skills as they develop their independence.
  • Make home visits and support parental advocacy. Help the student/family connect with educational programming, community programming, and mental health services, in efforts designed to support student/family for the promotion of school attendance and success.
  • Provide individual and small group counseling to students.
  • Guide and assist students in peer relationships and in developing effective coping skills necessary to refuse participation in substance abuse, physical violence, or other disruptive behaviors.
  • Support proactive intervention measures among students such as peer mediation and restorative circles.
  • Assist with crisis intervention.
  • Assess the student population regularly and initiate interventions and support.
  • Develop and recommend policies, programs, procedures, and plans to ensure implementation with demonstrated improved outcomes for students academically, emotionally, and as related to student attendance.
  • Assist with staff training, including training in the identification of high-needs youth and effective interaction with those students in the school setting.
  • Maintain ongoing records of all contacts with students, families, and/or other related personnel.
  • Maintain accurate documentation of work hours based on student, family, and building needs.
  • Maintain open communication with building principal, building leadership, targeted students’ teachers, and other support services personnel.
  • Flexibility to provide support for students and parents on and off campus.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Assist students, building staff, administrators, and/or parents in times of emotional need and/or crisis
  • Provide counsel, support, and feedback to administrators, building staff, and parents to address student behavior, academic, attendance, and/or behavioral health issues.
  • Facilitate restorative practices opportunities between students, building staff, administrators, and/or parents to address se that pose a threat to the successful education and positive development of all students.


General Qualifications:

* Hold a master’s degree in counseling, social work, or related field from an accredited college or university program.

* Meet the Illinois licensure requirements for Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.

* Minimum of five years experience providing individual, family, and/or group therapy preferred. Experience working with              families and youth with significant emotional and behavioral needs preferred.

*Bilingual (Spanish-English) candidates desired.

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