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Under the supervision of the Associate Superintendent, implement and monitor a balanced assessment system that informs student learning for all District 205 state and district-level assessments and surveys; provide leadership and support for the analysis, disaggregation, and utilization of various data and research-based practices; support and coordinate related professional development; and, lead the District in the coordination and implementation of various program analyses as identified by a review cycle and/or by request.


  1. In coordination and consultation with the Associate Superintendent and Senior Learning Team, collect and analyze data to lead and support districtwide and school-level analysis and planning for grades EC-12.

  2. Lead District 205 program reviews, including data collection, analysis, and formal reporting of research-based findings (e.g. Strategic Plan Priorities, School Improvement Planning, Performance Evaluation Reform Act, Annual Staff Survey, 5Essentials, etc.).

  3. Manage the setup and administration of state and district assessments across grades EC-12 (including rostering of students, supervising implementation of online and/or paper-based testing systems, analysis, and reporting of data to schools and families as needed).

  4. Coordinate systems that support the use of data (including data warehouse, online assessment systems, and Research Review Board).

  5. Ensure accurate reporting of state academic accountability metrics and prepare necessary reports.

  6. Support data gathering and analysis for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to student programming, early entrance, etc.

  7. Design and lead any necessary training for staff to effectively implement assessments and surveys and utilize data related to student learning outcomes (e.g. NWEA, PanoramaEd, etc.).

  8. Oversee and support proactive involvement of staff in utilizing the data warehouse to support classroom, school, and district-wide priorities and goals.

  9. In coordination with the Associate Superintendent, collaborate with the Senior Learning Team to monitor and assess goals and action plans focused on achieving specific student learning outcomes on the strategic plan aligned to data and research.

  10. In coordination with the Associate Superintendent and Senior Learning Team, collaborate with school leaders in Grades EC-12 to establish goals and action plans focused on achieving specific student learning outcomes on School Improvement Plans aligned to data and research.

  11. Ensure accurate reporting of state academic accountability metrics, including correcting data as needed in collaboration with other district or school staff.

  12. Support, supervise, and monitor the responsibilities and effectiveness of the Research and Assessment Assistant (Part-Time Position) while maintaining ownership and responsibility of all matters pertaining to assessment, program review, data analysis, and duties herein.

  13. Coordinate and supervise all elements of systems that support the use of data, including a data warehouse, online assessment systems, and other related tools.

  14. Process, administer, and monitor research-related requests in collaboration with procedures established with the Research Review Board, and in accordance with Board of Education policy. 

  15. In coordination with the Associate Superintendent and Senior Learning Team, collaborate with principals, staff and other colleagues to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of instructional programs to ensure programs achieve short and long-term goals and that services are administered uniformly, equitably and effectively at all schools (NOTE: this may include the development and implementation of district and department performance metrics to improve student learning and district operations).

  16. Assist Directors with coordinating Professional Development experiences for all staff and informational events for parents within the Department of Learning & Teaching.

  17. Create and maintain community and professional partnerships when appropriately connected to research, assessment, analysis, curriculum, and instruction.

  18. Keep current in knowledge of curriculum and instructional pedagogy.

  19. Maintain curricular documents and curriculum web pages which accurately reflect responsibilities.

  20. Perform other tasks and assume responsibilities as assigned.



  • Illinois Administrative License preferred
  • Illinois Teaching Certificate - Type 03, 09 or 10
  • Excellent communication, organization, and project management skills
  • Strong knowledge of assessment/curriculum/instruction/staff development
  • Master’s Degree preferred
  • Evidence of at least five (5) years of exemplary classroom teaching expertise
  • Deep understanding of ??assessment literacy, including the knowledge, skills, and process for designing, selecting, implementing, scoring, and/or using high-quality assessments to improve student learning from early childhood through high school (including but not limited to the following: SAT, IAR, NWEA, KIDS, 5Essentials, PanoramaEd, DLM, ACCESS, CogAT, and AP)
  • Proven leadership skills to design, lead, and facilitate the engagement of teachers and leaders in utilizing data from various forms of student assessments, including formative and summative assessments
  • Experience with assessing the effectiveness of curriculum, instruction, and professional development, specifically through the analysis of data related to student learning outcomes
  • Highly-proficient in the application of software and technology platforms (e.g. assessment suites, data warehouse, etc.) to analyze and present data in user-friendly format for educators and leaders to utilize, including but not limited to GoogleSuite, Excel (e.g. recording data/information, shortcuts, formula functions, charts/graphs, sorting, pivot tables, etc.), etc.
  • Knowledge of the State IWAS and SIS systems and the relationship to data involved with the systems
  • Proven ability to listen, share ideas, identify obstacles to student achievement, and plan with other administrators

How to Apply

Apply online via the Elmhurst District 205 website.  You can follow the path below:

elmhurst205.org/opportunities/job opportunities/start an application for employment/start

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