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  • Minimum of 5 years of leadership experience within an educational organization is required.
  • Experience in elementary and secondary leadership is preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience in teaching; designing and building curriculum; developing assessments and analyzing student performance data.
  • Experience developing differentiated instructional strategies that address achievement gaps and creating, organizing, and leading professional learning experiences for teachers and leaders.
  • Experience in professional project and change management is preferred.
  • Ability to articulate a vision, set high standards, and effectively guide schools and principals in the realization of expectations set.
  • Expertise in leadership development and instructional leadership. Ability to coach others toward excellence, build capacity of content area teams and develop meaningful and high impact professional communities for teachers and school leaders.
  • Strong communication skills (speaking - including presentations - listening, and writing).
  • Demonstrate high levels of instructional expertise, integrity, honesty, credibility, and the courage to make difficult yet necessary decisions.
  • Effective strategic planning capabilities, including the ability to establish long-term vision and goals, and align/manage activities toward goal attainment.
  • Strong leadership and team building skills, e.g. ability to develop high performing teams united around a clear vision for serving schools and achieving student success.
  • Knowledge of operations, budget/finance, management and organizational development.
  • Ability to build collaborative relationships with a variety of stakeholder groups, including external partners, to ensure the entire system operates in the most effective manner possible to support schools and principals.
  • Ability to define problems, analyze data, and outline valid conclusions and action steps.
  • Successful experience in data analysis and statistics, research design and program evaluation with emphasis in coordination of projects and implementation of assessments.
  • Demonstrated experience in training adults in the areas of accountability, curriculum, instruction, English Learner programs/support, and supplemental and intervention programs.
  • Master’s degree in related field (preferred).
  • State of Illinois PERA certification preferred.
  • Demonstrated skills in problem solving, ability to exercise good judgment, discretion, maintain confidentiality, and work with independence, initiative and professionalism.
  • An understanding of relevant legislation, policies and procedures especially as they pertain to Title I, ESSA, and student assessment systems.
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.


  • Salary is based upon negotiated collective bargaining.
  • Health, vision, dental offered, learn more here: https://www.dps61.org/Page/165

Additional Notes

Position to start as soon as possible. 

How to Apply

Please fill out application through DPS 61 website for consideration. See link for more details: https://il50010903.schoolwires.net/Page/97

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