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  1. Confers with appropriate classroom teachers to discuss curricular modifications/adaptations necessary for students with special needs to have access and opportunities to make forward progress in the general education curriculum.
  2. Provides consultative services to general education teachers regarding effective methodologies to use with students with special learning needs.
  3. Provides consultative services to all staff regarding the nature of varying disabilities and effects caused by the disabilities on learning and behavior in the educational environment.
  4. Confers with necessary support staff (social worker, psychologist, guidance counselor, vocational coordinator, etc.) to determine individual student needs and monitor progress.
  5. Prepares written reports regarding the nature of the concerns, pertinent information, assessment results, special recommendations and development/maintenance of IEPs.
  6. Provides parents with quarterly updates of students’ goals and objectives.
  7. Provides professional development for staff members as appropriate.
  8. Collects data by benchmarking and monitoring the progress of students assigned to his/her caseload.
  9. Perform morning check-in activities including lunch and breakfast count, attendance, and appropriate security procedures as needed.
  10. Maintain and implement a positive behavioral intervention system that provides students with rewards for good behavior (i.e., school store).
  11. Obtain and maintain appropriate certification in crisis intervention as directed by principal, superintendent, or director of student services.
  12. Maintain safe learning environment by enforcing all school and classroom expectations and implementing appropriate crisis intervention strategies (only when trained in crisis intervention techniques). 
  13. Communicates on a regular basis with parents.
  14. Participates in IEP meetings as required.
  15. Participates in Team Recommendation meetings.
  16. Supervises special education paraprofessional when applicable.
  17. Assumes all of the responsibilities of a co-teacher when appropriate.
  18. Maintain a high level of confidentiality of information about students.
  19. Other reasonable duties as assigned by the director of student services and/or building principal.



The qualified candidate must have a Professional Educators License.


Per collective bargaining agreement

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