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High school special education teacher; duties as assigned.

An alternative learning teacher with an endorsement in special education. Develop, support, and implement programming that allows students to engage in education tailored to their social and academic needs.

Small group setting as well as co-teaching alongside a regular education teacher is possible. 

Models restorative practices and is willing to mentor/support colleagues as they learn this process.

Contact Dave JOhnson at djohnson@unit6.org for more infomration.


  • Meet State of Illinois licensure requirements for classroom teaching for assigned subjects/courses/grade levels. 
    Illinois professional educator license with LBS1 endorsement.

Brief Description of Position: 

  • Follows professional practices consistent with school/district policies in working with students.

  • Work directly with all students to help students extend their learning and achievement as far as individually possible.

  • Complies with administrative regulations and policies.

  • Demonstrates professional performance responsibilities in teaching.

  • Acts in a professional manner and assumes responsibility for the school program, its safety and good order.

Performance Responsibilities, as related to the Danielson model for teaching and the teacher evaluation instrument*: 

  • Demonstrate knowledge of content and pedagogy (Danielson 1a).

  • Demonstrate knowledge of students (Danielson 1b).

  • Set instructional outcomes (Danielson 1c).

  • Demonstrate knowledge of resources (Danielson 1d).

  • Design coherent instruction (Danielson 1e).

  • Design student assessments (Danielson 1f).

  • Create an environment of respect and rapport (Danielson 2a).

  • Establish a culture for learning (Danielson 2b).

  • Manage classroom procedures (Danielson 2c).

  • Manage student behaviors (Danielson 2d).

  • Organize physical space (Danielson 2e).

  • Communicate with students (Danielson 3a).

  • Use questioning and discussion techniques (Danielson 3b).

  • Engage students in learning (Danielson 3c).

  • Use assessment in instruction (Danielson 3d).

  • Demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness (Danielson 3e).

  • Reflect on teaching (Danielson 4a).

  • Maintain accurate records (Danielson 4b).

  • Communicate with families (Danielson 4c).

  • Participate in the professional community (Danielson 4d).

  • Grow and develop professionally (Danielson 4e).


Additional Performance Responsibilities

  • Arrives punctually and does not leave during work day.

  • Follows all rules, regulations, policies, etc., pertaining to the completion of all facets of the position. Follows established safety procedures at all times.

  • Checks email daily; responds to email as necessary.

  • Performs all other duties as assigned by the Building Principal.


Required clearances:

  • Certificate of good health signed by a licensed physician.

  • State of Illinois fingerprinting and background check in compliance with state code and district policy requirements. (A fingerprint-based criminal history records check and a check of the Statewide Sex Offender Database and Violent Offender Against Youth Database (when available) will be performed on the successful candidate as required by State law. Each newly hired employee must complete an Immigration and Naturalization Service Form as required by federal law. The District retains the right to discharge any employee whose criminal background investigation reveals a conviction for committing or attempting to commit any of the offenses outlined in Section 5/21-23a of The School Code or who falsifies, or omits facts from, his or her employment application or other employment documents.)

  • First Aid/CPR certification as required by law.


Required skills:

  • Able to lift 10 pounds.

  • Able to sit, stand, kneel, and walk as necessary to adequately complete essential elements of the position

  • Able to write and speak or otherwise reasonably communicate with students, staff members, and parents

  • Able to perform the performance responsibilities as listed below

  • Able to organize work in order to complete assigned tasks

Evaluation: Performance of this job will be evaluated as per law and FEA contract in accordance with the provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation.  The evaluation will be completed by the Building Principal or other certified evaluator.

Terms of Employment: Salary/benefits and most conditions of employment are set by the Board of Education through Board Policy, the FEA contract and this job description. Work year and performance responsibilities are to be established by the Board of Education. Daily schedule, specific tasks, and conditions of employment not otherwise addressed may be assigned by the Building Principal.

*Evaluators will be additionally guided by the components of each subdomain as per the documents/rubrics provided. The preponderance of the evidence directs the placement on the rubrics.

Fieldcrest Community Unit School District 6 is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Fieldcrest Community Unit School District 6 ensures equal employment opportunities regardless of race, creed, gender, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability.

This position qualifies for graduate level Tuition Assistance per FEA contract (listed on district website).

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