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POSITION DESCRIPTION:  The responsibilities of the successful candidate will include:

  1. Being licensed in elementary education or the ability to attain this endorsement. 
  2. Being a member of a grade level team and department team who understands teamwork, cooperation, and supporting one another.
  3. Teach 4th grade students. 
  4. Good communicator with various stakeholders at our school including team members, administration, staff members, instructional aides, students and parents.
  5. Strong fundamental instructional skills expected.
  6. Willingness to be a part of a vertical articulation group working to advance student’s skills in an upward direction in our district.
  7. Knowledge of the ISBE state standards and demonstration of how curriculum/instruction will align with those goals.
  8. Actively participating in opportunities for professional growth in reference to the current assignment.
  9. Leading a student-centered classroom where assessment, assignments, instruction, and interactions are focused on student learning.


  • Ability to build good relationships and work well with students, parents, staff, and administration. 
  • Accept professional feedback well, and desire to continually improve. 
  • Strong organizational skills desired
  • Licensure to teach 4th grade
  • Computer skills in Microsoft Office, Google Suite, and Interactive White Board skills a plus


Regionally competitive per EPGEA Negotiated Agreement

How to Apply

Apply online at unit11.org/employment.

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