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Job Summary:
To assist the teacher in achieving teaching objectives by working with individual students, small groups, or whole classrooms to help students achieve the skill levels of the class as a whole. To provide a well-­-organized, smoothly functioning class environment in which students can take full advantage of the instructional program and available resource materials.

Staff member will effectively perform the following duties in a timely manner:

· Administer, score, and record such achievement and diagnostic tests as the teacher recommends for individual students.

· Work with individual students or small groups of students to reinforce learning of material or skills initially introduced by                  the  teacher.

· Assist the teacher in devising special strategies for reinforcing material or skills base on a sympathetic understanding of                  individual students, their needs, interests, and abilities.

·  Help students master equipment or instructional materials assigned by the teacher.

·  Guide independent study, enrichment work, and remedial work set up and assigned by the teacher.

·  Assist with the supervision of students during emergency drills, assemblies, play periods, and field trips.

·  Assist with such large group activities as drill work, reading aloud, and storytelling.

·  Read to students, listen to students read, and participate in other forms of oral communication with students.

·  Assist students in the library or media center.

·  Check notebooks, correct papers, and supervise testing and make-­-up work as assigned by the teacher.

·  Help students with their clothing.

·  Assist with lunch, snack and clean-­-up routines.

·  Assist with wash-­-up and toilet routines.

·  Alert the regular teacher to any problem or special information about an individual student.

·  Serve as the chief source of information and help to any substitute teacher assigned in the absence of the regular teacher.

·  Maintain the same high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about  students as is expected of fully                 licensed teachers.

·  Participate in inservice training programs as assigned.

·  Other responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.


Mental Demands:
·      Ability to communicate effectively with parents, students, teachers, administration and community members.

·      Ability to maintain emotional control under stress.

·      Ability to use e-­-mail and office equipment effectively.

·      Ability to work with students individually or in group settings.


Working Conditions:
· Indoor classrooms/School exposure to: student noise, lawn mowing, music, odors of food, mowed grass and possible                 communicable diseases.

·  Outdoor schoolyard and grounds, field trips: exposure to temperatures (hot, warm, cool & cold) and exposure to mowed                 grass.

·  Regular work attendance.







General Qualifications:

·      Must have 60 hours college course credits or have passed a State approved test granting Para-­- professional certification.

·      Possess strong communication skills (written and oral).

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