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Essential Performance Responsibilities
1.         Registers students new to the school and orients them to school.
2.         Assists in balancing class size through schedule changes.
3.         Aids students in course and subject selection each semester.
4.         Maintains student records and protects their confidentiality.
5.         Works to discover and develop special abilities of the students.
6.         Works to prevent students from withdrawing from school.
7.         Provides student information to colleges and potential employers.
8.         Makes recommendations to colleges for admissions and scholarships.
9.         Initiates / monitors homebound instruction.
10.       Provides students with summer school information.
11.       Administers individual and group tests.
12.       Attends staffing on individual students for special education programs and, where appropriate, initiates special education referrals.
13.       Obtains and disseminates career information to students.
14.       Works with students on an individual basis in the solution of personal problems related to such problems as home and family relations, health, and emotional adjustment.    
15.       Confers with parents as necessary.
16.       Interprets the guidance program to the community through evening meetings with parents.
17.       Consults with principal and faculty on matters of student behavior and academic achievement.
18.       Examines and evaluates credentials for transfer students.
19.       Provides sufficient information to SEAPCO when services are requested.
20.       Keeps current information concerning referral agencies in the community.
21.       Holds group meetings to disseminate information regarding college or career plans.
22.       Assists students in evaluating their aptitudes and abilities through the interpretation of individual standardized test scores and other pertinent data, and works with students involving education and career plans.
23.       Supervises the preparation and processing of college applications, scholarships and employment applications.
24.       Makes each student aware of progress made toward graduation requirements and notifies the principal of tentative problems.
25.       Attends meetings with principal and staff.
26.       Performs any additional duties assigned by the Administration or Board of Education.

Note:    The above description is illustrative of tasks and responsibilities.  It is not meant to be all inclusive of every task or responsibility.


Valid Illinois Professional Educator License with a proper certificate as a school guidance counselor in Illinois.
Other qualifications as determined as necessary by the school board.


Subject to collective bargaining salary schedule - experience will be considered. 

How to Apply

Apply via FrontLine: IB Guidance Counselor LINK

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