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Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Coordinate supervision and evaluation of students in vocational training sites.
  2. Secure in-school and community job placements for students ages 14-21.
  3. Refer students to the Division of Rehabilitation Services as appropriate.
  4. Refer students for transition evaluations as necessary.
  5. Develop appropriate, measurable vocational goals and objectives.
  6. Provide written reports of student progress at annual review.
  7. Complete the Transition Services Component of the IEP and contribute to the Summary of Performance. 
  8. Conduct individualized transition planning meetings with parents and/or students.
  9. Educate parents by distributing information on transition issues, hosting parent information meetings, and scheduling tours of adult facilities.
  10. Elicit parent participation in program development, implementation and evaluation.
  11. Respond promptly to questions and parent concerns.
  12. Maintain required paperwork including but not limited to DRS forms, transportation notices, student data, and classroom correspondence.
  13. Participate with the Central Office in the development of the program budget by evaluating the financial needs of the program budget by evaluating the financial needs of the program and making recommendations for adequate funding.
  14. Spend a minimum of 50% of work time in providing instructional leadership to staff assigned to the program.
  15. Formally evaluate Job Coaches  consistent with SASED and state requirements.
  16. Provide effective guidance and technical assistance to staff, especially to those in need of improvement of performance.
  17. Encourage professional development of staff including planning, implementation and evaluation of staff development activities.
  18. Conduct regularly scheduled staff meetings to discuss and resolve staff and program issues and concerns.
  19. Keep the Central Office informed of program, staff, facility and equipment needs.
  20. Participate in projects and committees as requested by the Central Office.
  21. Work collaboratively with other SASED colleagues, member district administrators and representatives of outside agencies.
  22. Use community resources to enhance instructional programming.
  23. Submit reports and other required information to the Central Office by the dates assigned.
  24. Assist in the recruitment of qualified staff and make recommendations to the Central Office for employment.


Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time.

This is a TRS position.




  1. Three or more years of experience in Secondary Special Education and/or Vocational Education preferred
  2. One of the following approvals: Vocational Coordinator, CTE Coordinator, Teacher Coordinator
  3. Familiarity of characteristics of a wide range of disabilities 
  4. Experience in instructional design and modifications
  5. Independent work ethic for self management of schedule
  6. Excellent communication and collaboration skills
  7. Professional appearance and demeanor
  8. Excellent organizational and writing skills 
  9. Ability to multitask, schedule and facilitate both short and long term projects
  10. Ability to maintain a positive and flexible attitude toward daily responsibilities, colleagues and schedule
  11. Knowledge of the administrative regulations for special education and transition services
  12. Thorough knowledge of current theory, philosophy and practice in assessment, curriculum, instruction and professional development

How to Apply

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