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  1. To implement all district policies as they relate to the classroom.
  2. Guarantee every student shall receive an equal opportunity for an education.
  3. Develops and implements lesson plans for the curriculum program assigned.
  4. Present subject matter following the guidelines outlined by the state and district.
  5. Plans and uses appropriate instructional strategies, activities, materials, and equipment that reflect differentiation and accommodations based on the individual needs of the students assigned.
  6. Uses available data to drive instructional decision making.
  7. Works cooperatively with grade-level and content area teams to plan and modify curricula as needed.
  8. Cooperates with other members of the staff in planning and implementing instructional goals, objectives, and methods according to state and district requirements.
  9. Plans and supervises purposeful assignments for paraprofessionals, student teachers, and volunteers if applicable.
  10. Uses technology actively in the teaching and learning process.
  11. Assists students in analyzing and improving methods and habits of study.
  12. Continually assesses student achievement through formal and informal testing.
  13. Presents a positive role model for students that supports the mission of the district and school.
  14. Creates an effective environment conducive to learning and appropriate physical, social, and emotional development of students.
  15. Manages student behavior in the classroom utilizing appropriate classroom management techniques and in accordance with district requirements.
  16. Maintains professional competence through in-service professional development opportunities.
  17. Requisition instructional materials and supplies as required.
  18. Attend all meetings as required such as: faculty, parent teacher conferences, etc.
  19. Prepare for, conduct, and attend parent teacher conferences as required.
  20. Supervises students in out-of-classroom activities during the school day.
  21. Administers group standardized tests in accordance with state and district testing protocols.
  22. Participates in curriculum development programs as required.
  23. Maintain commitment to ongoing professional development


  1. Professional Educator License with and/or  Language Arts, Science, and Social Science Required Endorsement.
  2. Must Be NCLB Highly Qualified. 
  3. Demonstrated capabilities in leadership, public and community relations, academic competence.
  4. Applicants must possess effective behavior management skills.
  5. Applicants must be able to structure a classroom to maximized student learning.
  6. Applicant must be able to establish effective communication skills with a variety of stakeholders. 
  7. Demonstrated capabilities in leadership, public and community relations, academic competence.
  8. Demonstrated knowledge of course outlines curriculum and text used.


Bargaining Agreement Union Position: The salary schedules for the 2022-2025 school years click on the link: https://www.joliet86.org/file.aspx?DocumentId=13197
*Maximum 10 years full time Certified Teaching Experience

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Apply at https://joliet86.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx

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