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  1. Manage department personnel and lead projects within the department
  2. Responsible for bridging communication between the technology department and curriculum department
  3. Attends curriculum department meetings and collaborates with instructional coaches to accomplish district curriculum goals
  4. Remain up to date regarding new information, technologies, innovative ideas and techniques
  5. Design and facilitate effective and innovative professional learning opportunities for all staff
  6. Plan and provide instruction and training to district staff regarding the use and care of technology
  7. Develop appropriate training materials for school personnel and train them on system related items (ex. training materials for online state testing, online grading program, Google suite of products, online curriculum programs, etc.)
  8. Write guidelines that encourage safe and responsible use of technology
  9. Plan both long and short term training programs on system related items
  10. Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibilities related to the use of technology and digital information
  11. Maintain all technology related equipment and software across the district
  12. Update operating systems as needed
  13. Provide desktop support, when needed
  14. Track and maintain a database of all technology equipment assets.
  15. Coordinate and track projects and repairs with outside vendors as needed.    
  16. Display competency with administrative and instructional applications of technology or willingness to learn
  17. Demonstrate a working knowledge of hardware components and their functions or willingness to learn
  18. Demonstrate working knowledge of fundamental network design and common network operating systems to assist in resolving networking issues or willingness to learn
  19. Collaborate with curriculum, finance and building level administrators to accomplish district goals
  20. Provide leadership and develop technology strategies aligned with district goals
  21. Work with vendors for the implementation of technology
  22. Protect confidentiality of records and information about students and staff and use discretion when sharing any such information
  23. Perform other duties as assigned


  1. This is a  physical position and requires the ability to lift heavy items (up to 40 lbs.), walk, stand, climb ladders, operate equipment and work in various conditions
  2. The position requires meeting deadlines with severe time constraints which may require irregular or extended work hours.
  3. The position requires the ability to look at computer monitors for an extended period of time as well as looking at computer parts and equipment under close vision.


Exempt, year round position (not hourly)

Hours may vary based on district needs



  1. A minimum of five years of experience in the field of public education, including experience as an elementary or middle school classroom teacher and working with/training classroom teachers
  2. Degree in Information or Education Technology, preferred
  3. Strong interpersonal skills including the ability to present to adult learners regarding hardware and software usage
  4. Critical thinker and problem solver
  5. Highly organized  
  6. Excellent time management skills
  7. Ability to work independently and in a team environment
  8. Ability to use discretion and exercise sound judgment
  9. Effective oral and written communication skills
  10. Self-starter with the ability to generate and implement creative ideas and solutions to  improve the implementation of technology within the curriculum
  11. Such alternatives to the above qualification as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable


Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) Position

Competitive salary with a 4 week vacation package

Phone allowance

Travel allowance

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