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  • Assessment: To coordinate a program wide, equitable and balanced assessment system that includes universal screeners, benchmark, and diagnostic assessments. Use Type 1, Type 2, and/or Type 3 assessments to guide planning and teaching and to have a more balanced approach to measuring growth and proficiency. The instructional coach will partner with the teacher to: analyze current reality and data, set goals, identify and explain teaching strategies to hit the goals, and provide support until goals are met. Provides training and guidance for program-based assessment; assists in the evaluation of programs.
  • Teaching and Learning: To design, plan, execute, and provide professional learning to all teachers, instructional leaders, and support staff on implementing rigorous, relevant instruction and evidenced-based strategies to better engage student learning and increase student achievement and build teacher capacity. Screen and coordinate outside providers to facilitate professional development in evidence-based teaching strategies. Evaluate professional learning to ensure that it reflects the needs of teachers in the classroom and provide the opportunities for differentiation. The instructional coach will promote. reflect, model, and provide guidance and structure where needed, and focus on strengths, collaboration and common issues of concern. The instructional coach will assist in creating high-quality, evidence based instruction through embedded modeling, co-planning, co-teaching and providing feedback to the teacher. 
  • Instructional Technology : To provide leadership and guidance in the development, implementation and integration of technology in Early Childhood; enhance and integrate technology into the curriculum; promote the effective use of instructional technology throughout the Early Childhood classrooms; and, provide staff with professional development opportunities.
  • Professional Learning Community :The instructional coach will lead and foster a professional learning community by meeting regularly, sharing expertise, and working collaboratively to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students. The instructional coach will provide structures and support for teachers to share best practices, analyze data and brainstorm innovative ways to improve learning and drive student achievement.
  • Pyramid Model: The Pyramid Model Coach will ensure the fidelity of Pyramid Model implementation. Coach must complete required Pyramid Model training including the T-POT assessment. Duties include: Support implementation within all early childhood classrooms, work with program leadership to ensure ongoing support and training to classroom teachers and staff, assess implementation fidelity (T-POT) and guide professional development planning. The coach will provide in classroom technical assistance and coaching, facilitate the provision of tertiary support to children with challenging behavior. The coach will facilitate the collection of data to track outcomes, and guide the teachers and staff to use data for decision-making. This person will support teachers in developing an individualized professional development plan related to curriculum, inclusion, Pyramid Model and culturally responsive practices.  

COMPONENTS FOR PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE for Instructional/Pyramid Model Coach:


Planning and Preparation

  • Demonstrate knowledge of current trends, underlying research, and theories related to the field of early childhood education.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of early childhood programs and initiatives and their alignment with the district’s strategic plan and Early Childhood Framework.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Preschool for All/Expansion Guidelines.
  • Establish goals curriculum, assessment and instructional support programs that align with the district’s strategic plan and the Early Childhood Framework.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of resources, both within and beyond the school and district.
  • Develop a plan to evaluate all programming, professional learning, and curricular resources.
  • Collaborate with the early childhood assistant director on budget planning.


The Environment

  • Create an environment of trust and respect.
  • Establish a culture for ongoing instructional improvement.
  • Establish clear procedures for teachers to gain access to instructional support.
  • Establish and maintain norms of behavior for professional interaction.
  • Organize physical space for committee work, workshops or training.
  • Promote a positive approach to behavior intervention and support through the Pyramid Model.
  • Promote and communicate the district’s mission, vision, and values.


Delivery of Service

  • Collaborate with staff in the design of rigorous, standards-based instruction and interventions.
  • Engage staff in learning new instructional skills.
  • Research and locate resources for staff to support instructional improvement.
  • Demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness in service delivery.
  • Provide responsive professional support.


Professional Responsibilities

  • Reflect on practice.
  • Prepare and submit reports that align with data cycles and reflect progress toward the goals of the strategic plan.
  • Coordinate work with the early childhood assistant director.
  • Engage in self-guided and collaborative professional development.
  • Show professionalism, including integrity and confidentiality.



  • Valid Illinois Professional Educator License required; early childhood and social work endorsements preferred
  • Master’s Degree preferred
  • At least 5 years early childhood teaching or related field experience serving culturally and linguistically diverse children preferred
  • Skill, knowledge and ability to communicate effectively with a broad constituency, including parents
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications that the School Board finds appropriate and acceptable


To be determined by Board of Education

Additional Notes

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:     Ten months (200 days) certified position with salary and hours to be established by the Board of Education under the negotiated agreement between FSD#145 and the FEA. Position will expire when grant funds are no longer available.

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