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The Assistant Principal assists the Principal in providing leadership and administration which will motivate instructional and support personnel to strive for superior performance so as to provide the best possible opportunities for student growth and development,    both  educationally and personally.


1.    Assist the principal(s) in the general administration, operation of the school and serve as the administrator when the principal is absent.

2.    Cooperates in the conducting of safety inspections, disasters, fire and bus evacuation drills.

3.     Works with the principal and faculty groups in the annual budget request.

4.    Supervises the reporting and monitoring of student attendance and works with the attendance officer for investigative and follow-up actions.

5.    Shall be the building liaison to the District Office Administrator for all materials relative to the District Testing Program.

6.    Shall participate in teacher observations and follow-up conferences periodically along with the principal and should work to gain competence and confidence in this important administrative responsibility.

7.    Assist in maintaining discipline throughout the school and deal with special cases as necessary keeping records of any disciplinary action.

8.    Has building level responsibility for scheduling, requesting maintenance, maintaining inventory, and general monitoring of audio-visual equipment and material.

9.    Serves with parent, faculty, and student groups as requested in advancing educational and related activities and objectives.

10.    Oversees and is the custodian of regular and special education cumulative records, seeing to their comprehensive, accurate and legible maintenance as per policy.

11.    Performs such other duties and assumes such other responsibilities as the principal may from time to time assign.



    a.    Supervise the maintaining of proper procedure on suspension and student discipline.

    b.    Assist building principal in handling of discipline.

    c.    Make recommendations to principal, in writing, concerning disciplinary matters.

    d    Counsel students with attendance, conduct and/or scholastic problems.

    e.    Confer with parents relating to any concern relating to the aforementioned.


Community and School Relations

     a.    Hold parent and student conferences.

    b.    Establish and maintain proper communication between staff, parents and students.

    c.    Provide for smooth home to school transitions.

    d.    Develop and initiate programs under which students and faculty can communicate with one another.

    e.    Interpret the needs of the student to the faculty and administration.


Pupil-Personnel Service

     a.    Organize and supervise student registration.

    b.    Supervise registration of new pupils.

    c.    Supervise the maintenance of pupil personnel records.

    d.    Provide each student with a student and explains the same.

    e.    Familiarize students with the school building, procedures, rules and regulations.

    f.    Familiarize students with the services offered by the school.

    g.    Administers placement test when necessary.

    h.    Supervise with all phases of the cafeteria supervision.


Extra-Curricular Activities

     a.    Supervise the mechanics of setting up assemblies.

    b.    Supervise student activities.

    c.    Supervise and assist activity sponsor when necessary with advise, orientation and encouragement.


  • Must possess a valid Public Educators License with a General Administrative endorsement (K-12). 
  • Must have prior building level administrative experience. 
  • In-depth knowledge of current curriculum, instructional needs, school improvement process,                                                         technology use, change management, and student assessment systems. 
  • Administrative experience preferred.
  • Bilingual preferred.


Salary and benefits to be determined by the Board of Education.

Additional Notes

Assists in the supervision of (1) licensed staff, (2) building custodians, (3) cafeteria staff, (4) secretarial/clerical staff, and (5) all regular instructional and other professional staff members assigned to the school.

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