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1. Create and maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning.
2. Guarantee that every child shall have an equal opportunity to develop any artistic talent he or she has.
3. Instruct children.
4. Inspire and motivate students to achieve the maximum of their capabilities in learning new skills and to absorb knowledge.
5. Encourage each child and help them to develop a sense of worth, dignity, purpose, and self-discipline.
6. Implement the various programs designed to achieve the educational objectives of the District.
7. Seek assistance from building level administration and/or the Coordinator of Fine Arts, as may be necessary, in case of behavioral problems.
8. Keep accurate records for each child as may be required by the Coordinator of Fine Arts, the Principal, and the District.
9. Requisition through the Office of the Coordinator of Fine Arts instructional materials and supplies as they are required, per Fine Arts department guidelines.
10. Attend meetings called by the Coordinator of Fine Arts, or Principal(s).
11. Attend Fine Arts department events as assigned by the Coordinator of Fine Arts.
12. Follow all Fine Arts Department guidelines and procedures as outlined by the Coordinator of Fine Arts.
13. Conduct ongoing professional communication with parents of students, including parent-teacher conferences.
14. Assume other responsibilities and duties as may be assigned by the Coordinator of Fine Arts in keeping with the policies of District 86.
15. Participate in in-service training programs authorized by the District Superintendent.
16. Participate in workshops and clinics as assigned by the Coordinator of Fine Arts.
17. Develop and prepare a personal plan for continued professional growth.
18. Seek assistance from the Coordinator of Fine Arts, Principal(s), other Administrators, Fine Arts Faculty peers, consultants or other specialists to improve teaching abilities, skills and management techniques.
19. Perform other related duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by Coordinator or Designee.


1. Valid State of Illinois Professional Educator License with Visual Arts and /or Self Contained General Education or Required Endorsement.
2. Highly proficient in at least one art medium.
3. Thoroughly familiar with good Visual Arts methods, literature and books which pertain to the elementary schools.
4. Thoroughly familiar with all the art concepts and the teaching techniques thereof.
5. Demonstrated capabilities in leadership, public and community relations, and academic competence.
6. Applicant must possess effective behavior management skills.
7. Applicant must be able to structure a classroom to maximized student learning.
8. Applicant must be able to establish effective communication skills with a variety of stakeholders.
9. Must Be NCLB Highly Qualified.


Bargaining Agreement Union Position: The salary schedules for the 2022-2025 school years click on the link: https://www.joliet86.org/file.aspx?DocumentId=13197
*Maximum 10 years full time Certified Teaching Experience

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