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PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: (may be included but are not limited to the following)
1.  Assists with classroom activities under the direction of a certified teacher.
2.  Assists with the instruction of small groups of children.
3.  Assists in the preparation of instructional material.
4.  Performs clerical duties.
5.  Assists individual children in need of special education.
6.  Assists any students when appropriate.
7.  Participates in staff development workshops and meetings as required by the Administration.
8.  Assists in keeping classrooms orderly and presentable.
9.  Maintains a professional, confidential attitude toward work, students, and other adults in
      the school.
10. Assists teacher in duties relating to the supervision of playground, cafeteria, bathroom, and         bus loading activities.
11.  Provide information to the teacher regarding student progress.
12.  Cooperates with building personnel during routine activities.
13. Sets up audio-visual equipment and communication devices relevant to the modifications necessary to meet the needs of the students.
14. Assists students with dressing, feeding, toileting, and health needs as deemed necessary by the principal/teacher.
15. Assists with field trip supervision.
16. Guides independent study, enrichment work and remedial work assigned by the teacher.
17. Assists staff in behavior management implementation.
18. Assists staff in data collection.
19. Performs other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as may be assigned by the     teacher, principal, program director or other administrator.
20. Actively participates in and abides by the school district’s Employee Safety and Health program and all policies and work practices designed to promote a safe work environment. Accepts responsibility for safe conduct relating to all activities necessary to carry out functions of this position.


1.  Educators License with Stipulations w/ Paraprofessional Endorsement
2.  Ability to work with teachers and students
3.  Such alternative to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

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