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1. Assist with diagnosing problems encountered by computer users throughout the district.
2. Performs set up, cabling, and hook-up functions as needed for any computer system in the
3. Help determine whether a problem needs outside help or can be fixed in-house.
4. Create and maintain user login identification (user id) information and login scripts.
5. Keep track of hardware inventory and software licenses for compliance.
6. Maintain records of computer service work.
7. Maintain a supply of computer supplies and repair parts.
8. Provide prompt courteous service to teachers and staff for any computer problem they may
9. Supervise students using computers in the library and wireless labs.
10. Maintain backups of all school buildings and District data.
11. Provide assistance to students individually and in small groups.
12. Supervise access to Internet and responsible for Internet safety curriculum.
13. Provides district-wide technical support and maintenance of computer systems, networks,
telephone systems, student data systems and related equipment.
14. Responsible for the purchase of technology equipment and programs.
15. Keep wireless labs organized (materials and equipment) and in appropriate working order.
16. Recognize when a repair, assistance or training is needed on technology equipment and
17. Keep abreast of emerging operational support technologies and industry trends.
18. Organize and facilitate training for staff on district technology.
19. Facilitate and monitor on-line mandated trainings for staff
20. Keep software programs updated for teachers and students.
21. Maintain the districts webpage; keep it current with district information
22. Develop a technology rotation plan.
23. Maintain district copiers, all entry problems, reports
24. Attend Technology Meetings through the Regional Office of Education
25. Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Director of Information Technology or


1. Associates degree in information systems or related field.

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2. Expertise in using a variety of operating systems.
3. Experience in building, troubleshooting, and maintaining computers and computer-related
4. Expertise in using DSL/Wireless/Satellite Internet connections.
5. Experience working with a technology plan
6. Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.
7. Must be able to carry up to 25 lbs.
8. Requires employee to have the ability to push/pull up to 26 lbs.
9. Experience in training faculty and students for technology integration in the classroom.
10. Establish and maintain effective and courteous working relationships with those contacted in the
course of work (students, parents, and staff).
11. Ability to understand and follow basic oral and written instructions.
12. Ability to communicate to students, parents and staff in an acceptable/courteous manner.

Additional Notes

To assist in training of district personnel, students, and community members; coordination of technology
use in the classroom; setup and maintenance of hardware and software; provide on-site technical support
and training in a classroom environment.

The work hours for this position are Monday through Friday 7:30a.m. – 3:00p.m. Office hours may vary
based on school district needs. Overtime is required when requested.

How to Apply

To apply to these positions, please complete the application link below. If you have a resume and cover letter, you may upload those through the application link. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Micayla Groover, Human Resources Coordinator, at MGroover@Paris95schools.org.

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