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The Full Job Description 

 Administrative Duties:

Create and prepare a variety of reports

 Stays abreast on State and Federal legislation as it relates to children, school, and community environments

 Represents the district in social matters regarding the community

 Serve as a liaison between schools, families, and community agencies

 Ensures that all case files, and other records, strictly comply with policies, regulations, and procedures

 Provides consultation regarding school law and school policy

 Maintains confidentiality regarding student concerns

 Adheres to the Employee Code of Professionalism


 Gather information regarding the individual’s situation? Analyze the details of family and medical histories, and other entities

Determine the strengths and weaknesses that need to be addressed and the type of therapy or treatment plan that needs to be created

 Develop an understanding of how the individual perceives their situation

 Prepares social histories and behavioral evaluations

 Observes classroom participation/activities and conducts interviews with teachers and students

 School social workers must collaborate with administrators, teachers, and the surrounding school community to ensure they are reaching the potential of their abilities to respond in trauma-informed, culturally responsive ways.

 Participates in special education assessment meetings as well as individual educational planning (IEP) meetings

Intervention Strategies:

 Provide services as outlined in IEPs: individual or group social work services

 Define goals and criteria that establish wellness for the individual

 Make appropriate referrals and provide resources that may be helpful

 Provide crisis intervention services to schools as needed


The Full Job Description 



Certifications and Licenses:

PEL with a Social Worker Endorsement

Licensed Social Worker( LSW)


Required Experience/ Qualifications:

2-3 years’ prior social work experience 


The Full Job Description 

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Excellent Benefit Package

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