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The primary responsibility of the teacher is to create a flexible educational program and environment favorable of learning and student growth; to motivate pupils to develop skills, attitudes and knowledge necessary to a sound education foundation in accordance with each student’s ability and; to establish good relationships with parents and with other staff members.

  • Analyze grade, class and individual student academic and behavioral data for the purpose of increasing student achievement and making informed decisions relative to instructional practices.
  • Review and evaluate student achievement information in order to place students in appropriate academic or behavioral intervention and support services.
  • Collaborate with teachers to identify the needs of students, set learning goals and targets, and to develop best practices for continuous academic growth of students in reading and math.
  • Collaborate with teachers for the purpose of increasing student achievement by ensuring core instructional best practices are implemented with fidelity and staff are differentiating to meet the needs of students.
  • Assis in developing a systematic and comprehensive process of data collection and effective decision-making problem solving that permeates all aspects of the school and an RtI model.
  • Provide methods of explicit, researched based instruction and intensive interventions to individual and/or small groups for the purpose of improving literacy and math achievement levels.
  • Work with school personnel to develop, implement and evaluate effective interventions for increasing the amount of time students are engaged in learning.
  • Collaborate with, guide and support intervention paraprofessionals to develop strong instructional models and materials.
  • Monitor and communicate student benchmarks and progress with students, families, administrators and staff.
  • Consult frequently with classroom teachers on matters relating to reading and math instruction used as interventions and in the classroom. Help teachers diagnose reading and math strengths and weaknesses and match these skills with appropriate techniques and materials.
  • Work with staff and administrators to facilitate the coordination of the reading and math programs with the total curriculum.
  • Coordinate efforts to facilitate an instructional climate and practices that are organized and motivating.
  • Assume risk care management duties (1) to ensure that statutory and common law health and safety rights are extended to all visitors, employees, and students, (2) to make certain that the district’s buildings and ground are maintained in a safe condition, and (3) to provide careful supervision and protection of all the district’s real and personal property
  • Other duties as assigned by Building Administration.


Bachelor’s degree or higher in education or related field.

Certification as set by the Illinois State Board of Education and adopted by the local Board of Education.

Reading specialist certification or multiple years of experience in the classroom.

Deep understanding of Math and Reading standards


Per Negotiated CBA

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Any Questions about this position can be directed to Chris Bickel at cbickel@leland1.org or by phone at 815-495-3231

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