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  • Acts with integrity, fairness and the highest level of ethical and moral character at all times
  • Ensures the management of the district in a safe and efficient manner that meets the needs of staff and students
  • Has proven abilities to serve as an effective and innovative leader and transparent communicator to all stakeholders
  • Interprets complex educational and financial data for all stakeholders
  • Demonstrates a sense of financial responsibility to the district
  • Advocates, nurtures, and sustains a school culture and educational program conducive to student learning and staff professional growth and retention
  • Works as an instructional leader that implements research based instructional strategies to prioritize student learning and achievement


  • Valid Illinois PEL with the superintendent's endorsement
  • Physical exam within 90 days of employment
  • Criminal background check


  • Regionally competitive salary
  • Board paid individual/family health insurance
  • Board paid TRS/THIS

Additional Notes

All inquiries for this position should be directed to Angie Zarvell, Regional Superintendent of Schools. 

Phone: 309-936-7890

Email: azarvell@bhsroe.org

Do not contact the district directly. 

How to Apply

Mail the documents listed below to:

Regional Office of Education #28

Superintendent Search - Cambridge

107 S. State Street

Atkinson, Illinois 61235


  • A formal letter of application indicating desire to be a candidate for this position and reasons for your interest in this position
  • A resume that includes a summary of achievements in administrative positions, educational vision and goals, and personal leadership philosophy
  • At least three recent letters of reference dated within the last three years
  • Copies of transcripts from each college/university attended (Please redact/remove your SS# and birthdate before submitting.)
  • Proof of qualification and licensure to be a superintendent in the state of Illinois or other evidence showing qualification to be a superintendent in another state

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Application Deadline


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