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Duties: The primary function of the school nurse is to coordinate a school health program including the delivery of services to students and staff members in order to enhance health and wellness in the school community.  All duties are performed in accordance with district/state board of education policies and procedures and state law regarding nurse practice.  District 155 expects nurse candidates to be child-centered professionals with a high degree of energy, flexibility, and initiative. Expectations are that the school nurse candidates are clear verbal and written communicators, have well-developed interpersonal skills, reflective in their practice, and seek continuous self-improvement. 


Responsibilities: The school nurse is responsible for but not limited to: 

  1. Collect and analyze epidemiological and other school health information and make recommendations based upon statistical data. 
  2. Participate in an accident/injury prevention plan to facilitate school safety. 
  3. Assess the health and safety needs of the school environment in compliance with OSHA guidelines. 
  4. Monitor a communicable disease prevention and control program in cooperation with local and state public health agencies. 
  5. Manage school health records in accordance with Illinois School Student Records Act, providing efficient retrieval of information and other related archival responsibilities. 
  6. Manage health screening programs according to state mandates and guidelines. 
  7. Participate in the development of health related policies and procedures in compliance with state mandates and current health practice. 
  8. Participate as a resource and specialist to school personnel in health issues. 
  9. Provide staff in-service programs on health topics including blood borne pathogens and the district exposure plan. 
  10. Provide health related classroom instruction. 
  11. Provide and/or delegate direct professional nursing services, first aid, illness, and emergency care to students and staff including nursing assessment, identifying health problems, making referrals for diagnosis and treatment, recommending educational modifications, providing follow-up and evaluations, and maintaining appropriate documentation. 
  12. Provide health information and counseling for students, parents, and staff. 
  13. Follow the medication protocol to safely store, administer, document, and monitor the effectiveness of medication given at school according to state deadlines. 
  14. Supervise and/or provide screening and follow-up for deficits in vision, hearing, growth and development, and other physical deficits. 
  15. Maintain accurate medical records to assure compliance with state mandates including immunizations, physical examinations, medical conditions. 
  16. Participate as a crisis team member and provide crisis intervention for students and staff in the advent of sudden illness or injury. 
  17. Make appropriate assessment and referrals for suspected abuse/neglect as a mandated reporter. 
  18. Maintain a user friendly and organized health facility conducive to confidential communication and services. 
  19. Purchase and maintain health and OSHA supplies and equipment as indicated for the health office and schools. 
  20. Maintain communication with administrators, teachers, other school personnel and parents/guardians to enhance cooperative action to meet the health and safety needs of students. 21. Initiate contact with and act as a liaison between the home, school community health agencies and the private medical sector to enhance the health and wellness of the school community. 
  21. Maintain confidentiality regarding all school and health related issues. 
  22. Recommend modification of the school program for students who require accommodations due to a health deficit. 
  23. Develop and maintain current health care plans for students who need special nursing interventions during the school day. 
  24. Utilize continuing education opportunities to enhance professional knowledge in both nursing and education fields. 
  25. Participate as an active member of the school community representing health and wellness. 27. Worth with supervisors to develop and maintain a program of safe conditions and practices for the welfare of the students, faculty, employees, volunteers, visitors and other invitees. 
  26. Is a member of the school Concussion Oversight Team.

29 Perform other tasks and assume other responsibilities as assigned by the building principal and administration. 


Licensed registered nurse in the State of Illinois, Baccalaureate Degree in nursing preferred, current first aid and CPR program completion and certification, appropriate School Nurse PEL.


Compensation set by the Board of Education.

Additional Notes

They physical demands described here are representative of
those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential
functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable
individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. The employee must occasionally lift and/or move at least 20 pounds. Fine finger dexterity is required to type using the different school reporting and data information systems. 

How to Apply

Online applications: https://www.applitrack.com/sd155/onlineapp/default.aspx

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