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Title: Transition Program Teacher
Job Description: The Transition Teacher will provide comprehensive and specialized instruction to students in the Transition Program ages 18-22 that have developmental and physical disabilities. Instruction will be provided across all environments including the classroom, community, building, and workplace. The primary goal of the Transition Program Teacher is to provide specialized instruction in an individualized program for students in order to empower them to become happy, confident and productive members of their community.


1. Completion of Teacher Certification
2. LBSI Endorsement 

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Participate in transdisciplinary team meetings, multidisciplinary staffings, annual reviews, parent conferences, and faculty meetings.
2. Communicate frequently with parents. Elicit parent input in educational planning and implementation.
3. Collaborate with team members to develop and modify goals/objectives on student IEPs. Ensure that goals/objectives are outcome-based, longitudinal, measurable and, when appropriate, are aligned with the Illinois State Learning Standards.
4. Implement student IEPs utilizing teaching methods, materials, and adaptations appropriate to meet individual student needs.
5. Support students in community employment.
6. Implement curriculum consisting of content in the community living domains, functional academics, vocational and embedded social communication and motor skills. Also implement program recommended curriculum for Reading, Math and Community Instruction.  Create calendar agendas for community based outings for the students.
7. Design, revise, and maintain a class schedule consisting of activities developed from student IEP goals/objectives. Provide instruction in integrated environments.
8. Design, revise, and maintain instructional programs developed from student IEP goals/objectives. Facilitate cooperative learning.
9. Provide opportunities to interact with peers to form friendships and support networks.
10. Implement programs and procedures recommended by transdisciplinary team members.
11. Demonstrate team leadership skills for a group of paraprofessionals.
12. Demonstrate a consistent method of assessing student growth via the use of clear criteria and is congruent with student goals. Collect and summarize performance date on an ongoing basis.
13. Collaborate with team members to report on student progress by the established timelines.
14. Participate in Transition Planning meeting and implement movement to adult services for exiting students.
15. Willing to obtain licensure in a passenger driver test to transport students in and around the community.
16. Willing to take a food manager class to support students in preparing their own lunches while attending the program.


Salary and benefits will be determined based on candidate's education and experience and the terms of the Illinois Valley Central Education Association contract.

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