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  1. Provide intervention services to small groups of at-risk students as identified by the district’s MTSS program.
  2. Provide training and support to classroom teachers on Tier 2 reading and math interventions.
  3.  Serve as the lead facilitator for the school’s MTSS program by planning, implementing and organizing meetings for at-risk students.
  4.  Monitor the school’s MTSS program to ensure compliance with district MTSS procedures and guidelines.
  5.  Administer assessments, analyze data, and plan instruction from assessment data.
  6.  Provide intensive, explicit, highly specialized reading and math instruction to at-risk students with ample practice opportunities.
  7.  Monitor student progress in ways that inform teaching and motivate learning.
  8.  Make available student materials that ensure students read and compute at their instructional level throughout the school day.
  9. Coordinate instruction for at-risk students across content (e.g., intervention teacher collaborating with the social studies teacher)
  10. Create practices that motivate at-risk learners and reward their progress.
  11. Participate in on-going training to remain current in the field and continuously develop expertise in the teaching of at-risk learners.  This includes state, local, national, school based, and district training and workshops.


  1. Professional Educators License with Reading Teacher or Reading Specialist or Reading Teacher Endorsement.
  2. Master’s Degree in Education preferred
  3. A minimum of three (3) years experience in teaching Reading and Math in elementary grades.


Per union contract.

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