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  1. Assess and evaluate health and developmental status of pupils in order to make a nursing diagnosis and establish priorities for action;
  2. Review and interpret medical and dental reports, including immunization status;
  3. Plan for vision and hearing screening programs and follow-up of deviations;
  4. Participate in the planning and follow-up of screening programs (sickle cell, tuberculosis, etc.) by agencies outside the school to assure that they meet ethical and educational standards;
  5. Interpret health and developmental status of the pupil to him/herself, his/her parents, and school personnel;
  6. Counsel with pupils in dealing with their personal health problems;
  7. Recommend educational adaptations as necessary for individual needs;
  8. Utilize each opportunity in the process of providing health services to present health information to students, teachers, parents, and community groups;
  9. Act as a consultant and resource person to the staff for the total health program;
  10. Compile and maintain a file of current health education materials for students and faculty;
  11. Cooperate with school staff in establishing policies and procedures for providing emergency care for illness and/or injury occurring while student is under the jurisdiction of the school;
  12. Provide for the implementation of medically approved emergency care procedures and plans for the reporting of accidents;
  13. Participate in the review of accident reports and confers with school personnel to assure corrective action;
  14. Assist in the periodic inspection of the entire school plant for environmental health;
  15. Participate in the formulation and periodic review and revision of objectives, standards, policies, and functions of school nurse service and the total school health program;
  16. Determine functions and qualifications of health paraprofessionals and orients, supervises, and evaluates their performance;
  17. Promote effective communication between community, health professions, and the school;
  18. Work with community agencies for effective use of the resources and facilities;
  19. Appraise the school health program in relation to pupil health needs and community health problems;
  20. Analyze school health records and reports in order to evaluate and improve the school health program;
  21. Join and participate in activities of professional nursing, health, and educational organizations;
  22. Continue to pursue educational studies to maintain and improve the professional level of performance;
  23. Participate as a member of the Student Assistance Program;
  24. Assist in implementing the Risk Management plan, taking steps to provide for the health and safety of the district’s students and employees;
  25. Perform such other duties as assigned by the principal and/or superintendent.


1. Current license in the State of Illinois to practice as a registered professional nurse
        Type 73 Illinois Certificate with School Nurse endorsement

2.  Previous experience with children is desired

3.  Other requirements as deemed necessary by the School Board


Additional Notes

Three days per week during the school year.

How to Apply

Please send your cover letter, resume, and 3 letters of recommendation to cmccartney@lovejoyschool.org

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