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MCHS is seeking a Secondary Agriculture Teacher to join our Team.  The position is short term- Sept 15- Dec 21



Necessary Skills Sought:
1. To be a strong content teacher who cares about kids.
2. Excellent classroom management or a willingness to learn
3. To maintain an orderly classroom.
4. Serve as a valued member of a learning community.
5. Promote and maintain an air of collegiality among all staff members.
6. Maintain a partnership with parents for the benefit of all students.
7. Maintain daily attendance and grade records.
8. Demonstrate a skill of computer literacy.
9. Maintain all necessary materials to promote an environment that is conducive to learning.
10. Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development.
11. Maintain communication and feedback from students in a manner that enhances students’
learning and understanding.
12. To bring passion and enthusiasm daily.
13. To always be “hungry” for a good challenge.
14. To be willing to learn and grow.
15. To be willing to get out of your comfort zone.
16. To be willing to do your part daily.
17. To be willing to do "extra" (collaboratively) for the greater good.
18. To enjoy working with a diverse group of students of different socio-economic
19. To have a sense of humor.
20. To have patience.
21. To be able to have fun...at work.


Based on our Collective Bargaining Agreement

How to Apply

How to Apply:

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