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GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  Highly qualified teacher of ELA who works primarily with middle school students who require strategic and intensive intervention in small-group settings. The focus of the ELA Intervention Teacher is to develop a student-centered system of intervention that effectively works to close the achievement gap in reading and language arts. The goal of the intervention specialist is to ensure that students are able to master grade level standards and curriculum by instructing students who have not met state reading/language arts standards.

  1. Demonstrate exemplary classroom reading/language arts instructional practice and possess a deep understanding of mathematics theory for the purpose of effective best practices to improve student achievement results and close achievement gaps.


  1. Preparation of learning materials and lesson plans for other support staff.


  1. Work with both special education and regular education students who are not yet demonstrating grade-level proficiency in reading/language arts.


  1. Deliver instruction in small-group settings.


  1. Develop instructional materials and coordinate the delivery of instruction by support staff.


  1. Work in conjunction with the Director of Special Education and members of the Instructional Leadership Team to evaluate student achievement for the purpose of placing students in appropriate intervention and support services.


  1. Regularly analyze data from interim assessment and other progress monitoring tools to assess student progress while delivering focused intervention to students.


  1. Motivate struggling learners and work to change negative self-perceptions that some students have about their ability to be good at reading/language arts.


QUALIFICATIONS:     Bachelor’s degree,
                                    Valid teaching certificate
                                    Two years or more of classroom teaching experience or equivalent  required Endorsement in Reading / Language Arts


Per the Collective Bargaining Agreement

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District Website: https://www.applitrack.com/hsd157/onlineapp/default.aspx?Category=Elementary+School+Teaching

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