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  1. Actively support the mission of the school and district.
  2. Utilize conscious engagement regarding equity, diversity and inclusion.
  3. Represent the Harlem Consolidated School District in a professional manner.


  1. Accelerate the learning of English and the academic content and content language of the District's curriculum.
  2. Implement English As A Second Language (ESL) Programs and procedures in compliance with District, state and federal requirements.
  3. Assess students for Bilingual and ESL Program eligibility and support, and maintain appropriate and required documentation on every English Language Learner (ELL).
  4. Make recommendations to teaching staff and administration about the types of accommodations, adaptation, special resources, courses, classes, and classroom adjustments that are appropriate for each ELL.
  5. Make recommendations about the appropriate accommodations for District, state and federal assessments by convening a Review Committee or otherwise and communicating those recommendations to parents and staff.
  6. Serve as a second language leader, consultant, and expert to the District by maintaining a high knowledge base of the latest research, laws, most effective practices, and issues in the field.
  7. Serve as a liaison between the ELLs, their families and the school community, and provide cross-cultural information to all parties. This may require the use of interpreters and/or translators, especially with respect to cultural and language differences.
  8. In consultation and partnership with other teachers, provide rigorous and age/developmentally appropriate instruction to ELLs that support the acceleration of English and appropriate academic content, aligned with District curriculum.
  9. Monitor ELLs' progress in all aspects of their academics and school experience.
  10. Serve as a consultant by promoting and advocating for ELL participation in District activities and programs, facilitating the application for District services.
  11. Participate in Professional Development opportunities that enhance the knowledge of the mainstream curriculum in correlation to ESL, evaluate and provide feedback regarding adaptation or incorporation into ESL instruction.
  12. Collaborate with all staff to meet the needs of ELLs.
  13. Create and maintain a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning.
  14. Supervise and coordinate the work of assigned Para Educators and assistants as assigned.
  15. Keep current with best practices and requirements as they relate to your job assignment.
  16. Perform such other job-related duties and assume such other professional responsibilities as your supervisor may from time to time assign or delegate.


  1. Valid Illinois Professional Educator License with endorsement in ESL teaching
  2. Has demonstrated ability to teach and deal professionally and effectively with students as shown by student teaching record and evidence of successful teaching experience
  3. Personal qualities necessary for development of an effective professional relationship with students, colleagues, administrative and supervisory staff and parents
  4. Foreign language fluency preferred
  5. Prior teaching experience in ESL Programs preferred


Position is for the 2022-2023 School Year

Salary determined by CBA

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