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Serena High School is seeking an energetic, flexible, and highly motivated advanced mathematics teacher who will meet the academic, behavioral, social and emotional needs of students. The successful teacher candidate must demonstrate collaboration and leadership skills, plan and execute engaging, differentiated instruction that is aligned with the curriculum, demonstrate knowledge and understanding of effective instructional strategies, implement classroom management, work collectively with other staff members, exhibit a student-centered approach to learning, create a classroom environment conducive to learning and personal growth of children.  


LICENSURE: Valid Illinois Administrative license with appropriate endorsement for content areas

  • Ethical and of the highest integrity
  • Strong knowledge and experience with Instructional Best Practices
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong content knowledge with advanced math courses
  • Excellent classroom management
  • Team player and cooperative


District Salary Schedule (Per CBA)

How to Apply

Please submit cover letter, resume, and three letters of recommendation to Mr. Rich Faivre at rfaivre@unit2.net or PO Box 107, Serena, IL, 60549.

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