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  1. Handle day to day operations of a community job site
  2. Provide direct instruction in community job sites
  3. Train students in appropriate work and social skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment
  4. Assist the teacher coordinator/transition teacher with job development
  5. Maintain good working relationships with personnel at training site
  6. Maintain communication with the teacher coordinator/transition teacher
  7. Complete and maintain attendance, progress notes on students, and other related vocational documentation
  8. Maintain communication with on-site personnel to ensure student compliance with work site regulations and job requirements
  9. Provide adaptations and individualized instructional materials to student workers under the guidance of the Coordinator for Schramm Educational Center
  10. Assist with the development of task analysis and behavioral objectives
  11. When lifting is required in normal daily routine including student transfers, applies principles of safety to student and self
  12. Accepts the responsibility of punctuality - arriving and leaving work at the proper designated time
  13. Meets attendance standards as designated by Association guidelines
  14. Respects the confidentiality of students and staff
  15. Perform miscellaneous, general, and specific duties as assigned



ISBE Paraprofessional Approval

Ability/Experience working with individuals with disabilities and community employers

Physically capable of performing the essential duties of the job.



Additional Notes


To provide to students systematic training in appropriate work and social skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment.

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