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  1. Performs personal counseling with individual students to help with personal, social, or emotional maladjustments related to their educational and social progress.
  2. Performs casework service with parents as an integral part of the task of helping students, to increase the parents’ understanding, their constructive participation in resolving their child’s problems, and their knowledge and use of appropriate resources available.
  3. Consults and collaborates with other school personnel in gathering and giving information on a case, and in establishing and planning for respective roles in the modification of the student’s behavior.
  4. Consults with outside agencies such as the DCFS, local police and sheriff departments, Juvenile Court, and the like, as appropriate.
  5. Makes home visits for the purpose of gathering helpful information on a student’s background.
  6. Serves as liaison between home and school when considerable follow-up is necessary, as in welfare cases, foster home children, and disadvantaged students.
  7. Assists students directly toward adjustment to school.
  8. Keeps sufficient records of cases for use by school staff members and outside agencies when appropriate.
  9. Conducts group sessions when deemed appropriate.
  10. Make referrals if the student is in need of specialized services.
  11. Schedules and participates in IEP meetings as requested by parents, teachers, students, or administration as needed.
  12. Conduct student evaluations as part of a comprehensive case study.
  13. Conduct student re-evaluations as required by law.
  14. Evaluate students based upon screening results and referrals from teachers, parents, and physicians.
  15. Participate in early childhood screenings.
  16. Administer pre- and post- diagnostic tools for each student receiving therapy.
  17. Write and communicate summary reports regarding evaluation results, eligibility for services, and recommendations for school-based therapy.
  18. Develop IEPs for each student receiving social work services.
  19. Update and communicate progress on IEP goals and objectives at least quarterly.
  20. Provide consultative services to other professional personnel, as needed.
  21. Participates in Team Recommendation meetings as needed.
  22. Serves as the contact and primary resource in the development of all District Section 504 plans.
  23. Maintain accurate, complete, and confidential records as required by law and district policy.
  24. Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials and facilities.
  25. Maintain communication with parents regarding progress of assigned students.
  26. Follow all policies and rules governing student life and conduct during school related activities.
  27. Attend staff meetings as directed by the principal or special education/.
  28. Communicate with other personnel, as needed.
  29. Maintain professional relationship with teachers, students, parents, and other staff.
  30. Acquire appropriate number of continuing education units for continued licensure in Illinois.
  31. Obtain and maintain appropriate certification in crisis intervention as directed by principal, superintendent, or director of student services.
  32. Perform physical restraint of students when necessary.
  33. Maintain a high level of confidentiality of information about students.
  34. Participate in district and building level team meetings.
  35. Facilitate sustainability and expansion of PBIS practices district-wide.
  36. Oversee district level data collection, management and analysis.
  37. Perform other duties to provide school social worker services as assigned by the principal, superintendent, or director of student services.


Professional Educator License with School Social Worker Endorsement


Per collective bargaining agreement

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