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REPORTS TO:                     Director of Special Education

 JOB GOAL:                          To coordinate Occupational Therapy Department, including planning, organizing, directing, and controlling all aspects of the department.  Provide evaluations and direct service to identified children and serve as a resource of related activities.


  1. Selects, evaluates, and maintains competent staff.


  1. Develops, implements, and monitors policies and procedures within the department.


  1. Participates in interdepartmental development of systems, policies, and procedures. Identifies system dysfunction’s and reports to Director of Special Education.


  1. Participates in the development of organizational goals and plans, and supports organizational objectives.


  1. Establishes, coordinates, and maintains effective relationships with other departments, administrators, and the community.


  1. Identifies departmental program changes, and develops and implements strategies to provide relevant cost-effective services.


  1. Is knowledgeable of, and ensures compliance with accreditation, certification, and government standards relevant to the department.


  1. Is knowledgeable of, and ensures compliance with A.O.T.A. professional guidelines, standards, and ethics.


  1. Coordinates scheduling of work assignments.


  1. Responds to requests for service and initiates referrals, when appropriate.


  1. Screens students to determine intervention needs.


  1. Evaluates students to obtain and interpret data necessary for Rx planning and implementation.


  1. Interprets evaluation findings to students, teachers, families, significant others, and care team.


  1. Develops Rx plans, goals and methods to achieve goals.


  1. Implements Rx or supervises Rx by O.T. staff.


  1. Monitors students response to Rx and modifies as needed to attain goals.


  1. May develop home or community programming to maintain or enhance the performance of the students in their own environment.


  1. Terminate services, when benefit has been achieved.


  1. Documents results of student’s evaluation Rx, follow-up and termination of services.


  1. Identifies own continuing education and consulting needs.


  1. Develops and provides inservice education to staff, as needed.


  1. Supervises O.T.R.’s, students, C.O.T.A.’s, aides, and volunteers.


  1. Perform additional duties as assigned by the Director of Special Education.


  1. Adheres to dress code.


  1. Shows up for work, meetings, etc. on time.


  1. Relays pertinent information to the Director.


Graduate of an accredited O.T. program or completion of the A.O.T.A. career mobility program; or graduate of a W.F.D.T. program approved O.T. program; successful completion of a minimum of six months, Level II fieldwork experience; successful completion of  A.O.T.A. certificate examination for O.T.R.  Continuing education relevant to the management/administrative function is recommended.

Current A.O.T.A. certification licensed as an O.T.R. or eligible to be licensed


Competitive salary Health, Life and Dental insurance

Additional Notes

We are a Special Education Cooperative serving nine school districts in north central Illinois.

How to Apply

Go to our website and click on Employment Opportunities. Click "Click HERE to download our PDF application form". Below is the link. Please e-mail or drop off your application to Sarah Moore, Director at: smoore@winnebagocsec.org WINNEBAGO COUNTY SPECIAL EDUCATION COOPERATIVE 11971 Wagon Wheel Rd. Rockton, IL 61072 https://sites.google.com/a/winnebagocsec.org/wcsec/employment-opportunities

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