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JOB GOAL: Provides a positive, safe and academically challenging learning environment for all students through the use of district approved curriculum.

PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: Listed below but not limited to:
Planning and Preparation:
• Plans long-range lessons, units and projects consistent with the established curriculum as defined by law
and the learning objectives of the school district
• Uses the available materials and equipment
• Remains current in research as it applies to both subject matter and pedagogy
• Understands the typical developmental characteristics of the age group, as well as exceptions to the
general patterns
• Seeks and applies opportunities for collaboration to enhance instruction and student learning
• Has a predetermined plan to assess whether presented material is understood using a variety of
assessment techniques and uses the results to plan for future instruction of students
• Schedules interventions using a variety of service delivery models, including classroom intervention,
consultation/collaboration and pull-out as appropriate to meet student needs in the least restrictive
• Meets with related school personnel to coordinate specific objectives for individualized educational
• Plans evidence-based interventions appropriate for individual students and groups of students
Classroom Environment:
• Enforces classroom and school rules or procedures, Board policies and regulations
• Responds to misbehavior appropriately while respecting student dignity
• Provides a safe classroom where learning is equally accessible to all students
• Implements a classroom routine which students understand
• Takes necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials and facilities
• Establishes a climate enabling students to work without being disturbed by others
• Facilitates smooth and efficient classroom operation by providing the availability, distribution, collection and
organization of materials and supplies
• Is fair and impartial in dealing with students
• Handles classroom problems and is willing to seek supportive help
Delivery of Service:
• Demonstrates competency of communication skills and communication disorders
• Differentiates treatment to meet the needs of all students

• Conducts speech, language and hearing screenings
• Administers formal and informal (ongoing & curriculum-based) assessments
• Analyzes and interprets information to make recommendations regarding the need for speech-language
• Revises plans on an ongoing basis, considering student's needs, ability levels and interests
• Uses evidence-based methods and techniques appropriate to stated objectives
• Provides clear directions and explains assignments
• Uses a wide variety of oral and written questioning techniques
• Includes activities/questions that require higher levels of thinking
• Moves about during the lesson to establish, maintain or re-establish pupil involvement
• Uses available technology resources that are suitable to the instructional goals and engage students
• Achieves a balance of teacher vs. student-centered activities appropriate to the grade level and subject
matter being taught
• Facilitates a smooth transition from one activity to another by individuals or groups
• Monitors the progress of students in the curriculum
• Provides opportunity for each pupil to participate in a given activity
• Supports and accepts pupil ideas and responses
• Allows for creative or artistic expression as well as verbal participation
• Strives to secure and maintain pupils' attention.
• Provides feedback to students that is timely and of high quality
Professional Responsibilities:
• Attends required meetings, special education meetings and school activities
• Is in attendance on a regular basis
• Maintains and submits records as required
• Promptly communicates with principal, special education coordinator and/or parent when necessary
• Reflects on lessons assessing the effectiveness and the extent to which instructional outcomes were
• Provides information to families, as appropriate, about the instructional program
• Communicates with families about student progress and is available as needed to respond to family
• Communicates with parents through newsletters following administrative guidelines
• Maintains relationships with colleagues that are characterized by mutual support and cooperation
• Seeks out opportunities for professional development to enhance content knowledge and pedagogical skill
• Displays high standards of honesty, integrity and confidentiality in interactions with colleagues, students,
and the public
• Implements and maintains a teacher web page
• Complies with school and district regulations



Professional Educator License with a Speech-Language Pathology endorsement

Ability to pass a criminal and DCFS background check


In accordance with collective bargaining agreement in force

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