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1. Responsible for planning, organizing, scheduling, leading, and directing District student transportation,
including regular school year routes, special education home-to-school, summer school routes, athletic
events, field trips, and other events as required.
2. Provides technical expertise related to policies, procedures, and programs to assure an economic, safe
and efficient transportation work environment.
3. Maintains close coordination with the Student Support Services Department to ensure appropriate
services are provided to Specialized Student Services students according to each Individualized
Education Program (IEP).
4. Researches and evaluates student discipline concerns and complaints from parents and community
pertaining to the District transportation department; resolves related issues according to established
District policies and procedures.
5. Directs safety training and professional development needs to ensure all transportation personnel
receive training programs and the technical skills necessary to meet the District’s standards.
6. Represents the COO on the ISO9001 MRT Council.
7. Prepares and submits annual claim for state reimbursement.
8. Develops both annual and three-year plans related to transportation capital and personnel budgets,
financial projections, and work plans - that include equipment and vehicle replacement, and identifies
equipment upgrades, required staff training, and implements improved corrective measures to maintain
cost efficient operations.
9. Evaluates the effectiveness of transportation programs and services.
10. Performs personnel administrative functions such as interviewing, training, supervising, and evaluating
for the purpose of maintaining necessary staffing, enhancing productivity of staff, and ensuring
necessary department/program outcomes are achieved.
11. Responsible for the completion and timely submission of all employee evaluations.
12. Analyzes reports of District vehicle accidents; reviews incident reports and accident investigations
related to all district vehicles and drafts and submits report to COO.
13. Directs the operation of computerized bus routing, scheduling, and street mapping; evaluates bus stop
locations and adjust bus routes accordingly.

14. Responsible for facilitating effective communication with district administrators, staff, parents, school
personnel, and community and builds effective partnerships.
15. Responsible for federally required random drug testing.
16. Participates in planning for attendance zone and transportation needs of all schools.
17. Implement procedures that maintain safety standards in compliance with state and federal laws, board
policies and insurance regulations.
18. Achieves professional growth and development through participation in NAPT, IAPT, NSC, and other
professional organizations related to transportation.
19. Monitors and advises district superintendent of road conditions and safety concerns during inclement
20. Other duties as assigned



1. Five years administrative experience in a large transportation operation or similar experience preferred.
2. Must possess a working knowledge of policies and programs to ensure compliance with local, state, and
federal regulations.
3. Must be a creative problem-solving individual with expertise in administering all aspects of a large school
District Transportation Department.
4. Proficient in various computer systems and software, including Microsoft Office.
5. Evaluating staff on performance and discipline matters.

Additional Notes

1.Bachelor’s degree in management/leadership preferred and proven leadership experience required.
2.Five years’ experience with ISO9001 or similar quality control program preferred.

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