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  1. Registers assigned students for classes.
  2. Initiates schedule changes for assigned students.
  3. Assists students in the selection of courses for the regular school year and for summer school.

Participates in orientation of students for registration, middle school, parochial school, vocational school, and high school where appropriate.

  1. Participates in administering achievement tests, ACT, SAT, PSAT, ASVAB, EXPLORE and PARCC where appropriate.
  2. Provides counseling to students who are experiencing problems in their relationships with others; assists students with the development of personal decision-making competencies, a positive self-image, a desire for personal growth, and a concern for others.
  3. Assists students in the selection of courses.
  4. Assists students in making educational and/or career decisions by assessing the students’ interests, abilities, and preparation.
  5. Assists students with educational planning by providing information on educational programs available, admission requirements, application procedures, required tests, deadline dates, financial aid, and special programs for minority students where appropriate.
  6. Participates in parent conferences regarding students’ academic and social progress.
  7. Processes records for students who drop out or transfer to other schools.
  8. Assists in planning and participates in 8th grade check of records, college and career conferences and fairs, senior check of records, obtaining assignments for students with extended illnesses where appropriate.
  9. Participates in conferences/meetings for special education.
  10. Maintains and provides records and reports.
  11. Monitors student’s academic progress.
  12. Meets with academic departments and/or teams and special area teachers as necessary and faculty meetings and district meetings as required.
  13. Participates in in-service training of staff.
  14. Advises and provides students with information about alternative educational opportunities.
  15. Completes other reasonable duties as assigned during the normal day/year or in case of emergencies.


Illinois PEL License with School Guidance Counselor endorsement required.


Depends on education and experience

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