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  1. Identify and participate in Safety, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion training needs that will benefit the district as a whole.
  2. Develops, maintains, and leads a comprehensive district crisis response plan.
  3. Coordinates a comprehensive security/school safety program.
  4. Plans and coordinates with internal and external personnel in planning a standardized response to critical incidents using the Incident Command System Model.
  5. Receives all reports of school crime and criminal incidents occurring on school property and/or incidents off school sites that would have an adverse affect on school safety.
  6. Serves as a Liaison with local law enforcement.
  7. Serves as a liaison and/or chair on committees related to job title.
  8. Oversees DPS security and works with the SRO to ensure adequate coverage according to district needs.
  9. Serve as an advocate on all matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  10. Participate in yearly local, national, and/or regional professional opportunities when feasible.
  11. Research current trends and best practices for the delivery of cultural awareness that will ultimately lead to culture competency.
  12. Identify implicit biases and offer a perspective to meeting the needs of students and staff alike.
  13. Assist in cultivating a work environment that values diversity at all levels in the district.
  14. Serve as a coach when needed to assist staff and students alike on topics that speak to barriers in education.
  15. Serve as a resource for building administrators.
  16. Consults with members of the District Leadership Team regarding policies, procedures, and practices.
  1. Analyzes information and data necessary to assist the district in becoming more diverse in curriculum, staffing, enrollment, professional development/programs, etc.
  1. Others duties as assigned by the Board of Education, Superintendent or direct supervisors.


  1. Masters degree in education, or a related field required.
  2. Minimum of 5 years of leadership experience within an educational organization is preferred.
  3. General knowledge of school safety.
  4. Must possess a valid Illinois Driver’s License.
  5. Administrative license preferred (Type 75).
  6. State of Illinois PERA certification preferred.
  7. Experience in both elementary and secondary education preferred.
  8. Experience developing differentiated instructional strategies that address achievement gaps and creating, organizing, and leading professional learning experiences for all district staff as it relates to safety, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  1. Background in Diversity, Cultural Compentencies, Equity and Inclusion required.
  2. Excellent verbal and written communications and strong interpersonal communications.
  3. Problem-solve and strategic thinker.
  4. Ability to maintain good working relationships with fellow employees and students.
  1. Ability to communicate to staff in an acceptable/courteous manner.
  2. Ability to understand and follow basic oral and written instructions.
  3. General knowledge of the principles of supervision, organization and administration.
  4. Ability to maintain complete and accurate records and to develop meaningful reports from them.
  5. Ability to develop and implement short and long-range plans and progress.
  6. Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc.


Salary to be based upon salary schedule established by the Board, 260 days per year.

 Talent Acquisition Event - Meet the Administration team at the Table on Virtual    Email Recruit@dps61.org for more information


Additional Notes

Salary to be based upon salary schedule established by the Board, 260 days per year.


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 Talent Acquisition Event - Meet the Administration team at the Table on Virtual   .    Email Recruit@dps61.org for more information


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