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Performance Responsibilities:
Establishes and maintains an effective learning climate in the school.
Initiates, designs, and implements programs to meet specific needs of the school or plans organizes, and directs the implementation of all school activities.
Keeps the Superintendent informed of the school’s activities and problems.
Makes recommendations concerning the school’s administration and instruction.
Prepares and administers the school budget and supervises school finances.
Assists in the management and preparation of the school budget.
Prepares and submits the school’s budgetary requests, and monitors expenditures of funds.
Supervises the maintenance of all required building records and reports.
Prepares and supervises the preparation of reports, records, lists, and all other paperwork required or appropriate to the school’s administration.
Interprets and enforces district policies and administrative regulations.
Assumes responsibility for the implementation and observance of all Board policies and regulations by the school’s staff and students.
Maintains active relationships with students and parents.
Budgets school time to provide for the efficient conduct of school instruction and business.
Leads in the development, determination of appropriateness, and monitoring of the instructional program.
Schedules classes within established guidelines to meet student needs.
Assists in the development, revision, and evaluation of the curriculum.
Supervises the guidance program to enhance individual student education and development.
Maintains high standards of student conduct and enforces discipline as necessary, according to due process to the rights of students.
Establishes guides for proper student conduct and maintaining student discipline.

Maintains and controls the various local funds generated by student activities.
Supervises the maintenance of accurate records on the progress and attendance of students.
Assumes responsibility for the attendance, conduct, and maintenance of health of students.
Assumes responsibility for his/her own professional growth and development through membership and participation in the affairs of professional organizations, through attendance at regional, state, and national meetings, through enrollment in advanced courses, and the like.
Keeps abreast of changes and developments in the profession by attending professional meetings, reading professional journals and other publications, and discussing problems of mutual interest with others in the field.
Supervises all professional, paraprofessional, administrative, and non-professional personnel in the school.
Participates in the selection and supervision of all school building personnel.
Supervises the school’s teaching process.
Approves the master teaching schedule and any special assignments.
Orients newly assigned staff members and assists in their development as appropriate.
Evaluates and counsels staff members regarding their individual and group performance.
Conducts meetings of the staff as necessary for the proper functioning of the school.
Assists in the in-service orientation and training of teachers, with special responsibility for staff administrative procedures and instructions.
Makes arrangements for special conferences between parents and teachers.
Assumes responsibility for the safety and administration of the school.
Supervises the daily use of the school facilities for both academic and nonacademic purposes.
Plans and supervises fire drills, tornado drills, and an emergency crisis response.

Attends special events held to recognize student achievement and attends school sponsored activities, functions, and athletic events.
Performs other related responsibilities as assigned.


Please email applications to apply to nsutton@sandridgesd172.net Please include cover letter, resume and references!


A valid Illinois Professional Educator License with a Principal or General
Administrative Endorsement;
M.A. in Education Administration; 5 years of teaching experience and prior
administrative experience.
Excellent interpersonal skills, knowledge of school improvement process and
collaborative leadership style.


Regionally Competitive and Determined by the Board of Education.

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