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  1. Assists in maintaining a safe, clean and healthy environment.
  2. Collects student data to understand and implement the work standard set for each student progress.
  3. Follows the set of rules and consequences that govern the handling of routine classroom procedures and student transitions.
  4. Monitors and records behaviors of students per classroom rules and/or behavioral program and intervenes promptly with inappropriate behaviors while maintain the dignity of the student.
  5. Engages students in learning through discussion and other student participation and intervention while providing relevant examples and demonstrations to illustrate concepts and skills.
  6. Provides positive feedback and effective reinforcement procedure to support individualized instruction and learning.
  7. Interacts effectively with (a) family members, (b) educational team members, and (c) with the community at large.
  8. Exhibits professionalism and is a role model.


One of the following items is required for all paraprofessional positions:

  • Illinois Professional Educator License with Stipulations (ELS) with a Paraprofessional endorsement
  • Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL)
  • Illinois Substitute License (SUB)


Salary: $14.55 - $18.21/per hour; SPEED S.E.J.A 802 salary schedule is based upon the education, up to a BA and experience of each paraprofessional. One year of salary credit for each year of full-time paraprofessional experience, up to a maximum of 10 years.

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