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  1. Empty waste baskets daily and pencil sharpeners as needed.


  1. Cleans all chalkboards and dry erase boards daily.


  1. Dust window sills, counter tops, etc.


  1. Sweep, mop and vacuum floors.


  1. Move furniture for cleaning as needed and return neatly.


  1. Cleans doors, walls, windows and attached hardware daily.


  1. Removes graffiti as needed.


  1. Cleans and disinfects washroom and locker room floors, sinks, toilets,

urinals and attached plumbing fixtures as needed.  


  1. Maintains an inventory of supplies and equipment and requests 

replacement as needed, far enough in advance so as not to be hindered

in performing his/her duties.


  1. Keeps school building  premises, including sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, 

lawn areas, roof and play areas safe and clean.


  1. Complies with local laws and procedures for the storage and disposal 

of trash and or waste.


  1. Assumes responsibility for the closing of the building and determining

before leaving that all doors and windows are secured, and that all lights,

except those left on for security reasons, are turned off.


  1. Reports immediately to the Head Custodian, Assistant Director, or the 

building administrator(s)  any damage to school property.


  1. Moves furniture or equipment within the building as required for 

various activities.  Performs all other duties as assigned by the head 

Custodian, Assistant Director of Buildings and Grounds, or

the building principal.


  1. Keeps up and complies with District energy savings programs. 


  1. Performs other duties as assigned.



Demonstrates aptitude or competence for assigned           

responsibilities.  Such qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

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O'Neill Middle School

635 59th Street

Downers Grove, IL. 60516

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