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ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following: *Other duties may be assigned.

To represent and promote the District Mission and Vision, to assist in the accomplishments of the Board goals, to set expectations and effectively deliver results for academic achievement, climate safety, budget efficiency and employee/student performance.

The Associate Principal, in collaboration with the Building Principal, is responsible for administering the building in accordance with local school board, state and federal policies, and for recommending, revising and implementing policies relative to building operations and management. The Associate Principal, in collaboration with the building administrative team and Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations, will develop and monitor a comprehensive school operations plan.

The Associate Principal of Operations is responsible for all building operations in the building. The following departments will report to the Associate Principal of Operations: Security, Buildings and Grounds, Technology, Food Service, Cashier, Culture and Climate, Deans.

I. Living a Mission and Vision Focused on Results
The Associate Principal works with the staff and community to build a shared mission, and vision of high expectations that ensures all students are on the path to college and career readiness, and holds staff accountable for results

a. Coordinates efforts to create and implement a vision for the school and defines desired results and goals that align with the overall school vision and lead to student improvement for all learners
b. Ensures that the school’s identity, vision, and mission drive school decisions
c. Conducts difficult but crucial conversations with individuals, teams, and staff based on student performance data in a timely manner for the purpose of enhancing student learning and results

II. Leading and Managing Systems Change
The Associate Principal creates and implements systems to ensure a safe, orderly, and productive environment for student and adult learning toward the achievement of school and district improvement priorities

a. Develops, implements, and monitors the outcomes of the school improvement plan and school wide student achievement data results to improve student achievement
b. Creates a safe, clean and orderly learning environment
c. Collaborates with staff to allocate personnel, time, material, and adult learning resources appropriately to achieve the school improvement plan targets

III. Improving Teaching and Learning
The Associate Principal works with the school staff and community to develop a research-based framework for effective teaching and learning that is refined continuously to improve instruction for all students

a. Works with staff to develop a consistent framework for effective teaching and learning that includes a rigorous and relevant standards-based curriculum, research-based instructional practices, and high expectations for student performance
b. Creates a continuous improvement cycle that uses multiple forms of data and student work samples to support individual, team, and school-wide improvement goals, identify and address areas of improvement and celebrate successes
c. Implements student interventions that differentiate instruction based on student needs
d. Selects and retains teachers with the expertise to deliver instruction that maximizes student learning
e. Evaluates the effectiveness of instruction and of individual teachers by conducting frequent formal and informal observations providing timely feedback on instruction as part of the district teacher appraisal system
f. Ensures the training, development, and support for high-performing instructional teacher teams to support adult learning and development to advance student learning and performance
g. Develops systems and structures for staff professional development and sharing of effective practices including providing and protecting time allotted for development

h. Advances instructional technology within the learning environment

IV. Building and Maintaining Collaborative Relationships
The Associate Principal creates a collaborative school community where the school staff, families, and community interact regularly and share ownership for the success of the school.

a. Creates, develops and sustains relationships that result in active student engagement in the learning process
b. Utilizes meaningful feedback of students, staff, families, and community in the evaluation of instructional programs and policies
c. Proactively engages families and communities in supporting their child’s learning and the school’s learning goals
d. Demonstrates an understanding of the change process and uses leadership and facilitation skills to manage it effectively

V. Leading with Integrity and Professionalism
The Associate Principal works with the school staff and community to create a positive context for learning by ensuring equity, fulfilling professional responsibilities with honesty and integrity, and serving as a model for the professional behavior of others

a. Treats all people fairly, equitably, and with dignity and respect
b. Demonstrates personal and professional standards and conduct that enhance the image of the school and the educational profession. Protects the rights and confidentiality of students and staff
c. Creates and supports a climate that values, accepts and understands diversity in culture and point of view

VI. Creating and Sustaining a Culture of High Expectations
The Associate Principal works with staff and community to build a culture of high expectations and aspirations for every student by setting clear staff and student expectations for positive learning behaviors and by focusing on students’ social-emotional learning

a. Builds a culture of high aspirations and achievement and for every student
b. Requires staff and students to demonstrate consistent values and positive behaviors aligned to the school’s vision and mission
c. Leads a school culture and environment that successfully develops the full range of students’ learning capacities—aca¬demic, creative, social-emotional, behavioral and physical

 PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to talk, hear, and use hand and fingers to operate a computer. Frequent walking and occasional sitting are also required. Must be able to lift 50 pounds.


1. Must possess or be eligible to meet and maintain proper licensure as established by state law and the Illinois State Board of Education.
2. Must be a qualified Teacher Evaluator.
3. High school administrative experience strongly preferred
4. Has demonstrated educational leadership qualities and personal characteristics necessary for working effectively with students, teachers and parents.
5. Must be able to interpret policy, procedures and data.
6. Must possess strong organizational, communication (written and oral), public relations and interpersonal skills.
7. Must meet any additional qualifications set by the District.

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