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Channahon School District 17

English Language Learner Teacher


Job Classification: Instructional (9 months)

Reports to: Building Principals



The ELL Teacher will report directly to the building principals for all matters pertaining to the ESL operation of school plans, administrative policy, and State mandates.  This position will partner with the classroom teacher for all matters pertaining to ESL curriculum, instructional methods, assessment, and materials.

  1. Provide direct instruction and assessment to ELL students in PK-8; provide instructional service minutes per ISBE requirements in a push-in/pull-out model and collaborate with teachers to assist in strengthening ELL instruction
  2. Work collaboratively with a team of educators in PK-8 (classroom teachers, reading specialists, principals, support staff, etc.) to assess ELL students and develop strategies for success in the classroom 
  3. Support the general classroom teacher by providing culturally relevant teaching strategies and materials for ELLs
  4. Develop relationships with families and connect them with school events 
  5. Administer ELL testing for all students PK-8 (ACCESS/WIDA and/or any required testing for ELL students)
  6. Maintain accurate, complete, and correct records as required by law and district policy, including ELL instructional plan
  7. Lead small and large group professional development for CSD17 staff on ELL practices and strategies
  8. Assist teachers in helping English Language Learners (ELLs) in achieving English 

language proficiency

  1. Provide information to parents/guardians of ELLs about the level of English proficiency, how the program will meet their child’s needs, specific exit requirements of the program
  2. Participate in personal growth through professional development workshops 
  3. Employ creative methods of instruction and utilize a variety of bilingual and/or ESL materials within the structure of the designated curriculum
  4. Participate in formative and summative assessment for ESL and utilize data to improve instruction
  5. Monitor and assist ELL transitions through all four district schools and into high school
  6. Participate in problem-solving meetings for ELL students
  7. Complete any required State Reporting (includes administration of IWAS reporting and EL grants)


Licensure: PEL with ESL Endorsement



Salary: Teacher’s Collective Bargaining Agreement

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