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Main Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • plan and prepare lesson plans that meet core objectives and principles and are in line with the curriculum goals
  • prefer experience with SpringBoard Curriculum 
  • prepare instructional aids and supplemental teaching materials and resources consistent with learning objectives and student needs
  • select and requisition appropriate books, instructional aids and school supplies as needed
  • deliver lessons using a variety of differentiated instructional techniques that are appropriate to the academic level and meet the diverse needs of students
  • maximize the appropriate use of technology in the classroom as an instructional tool
  • teach grammar and syntax, vocabulary and word usage and other principles of the English language
  • promote students' understanding of and appreciation for literature
  • develop students' verbal skills including reading out loud, discussion and debate
  • develop students' writing skills
  • encourage the development of critical thinking skills
  • create a safe and flexible classroom environment conducive to optimal student learning
  • help students to work independently and collaboratively in groups
  • establish and maintain standards of student behavior that conform to School and  District policies and promote learning in the classroom
  • encourage student responsibility, cooperation, tolerance and mutual respect in a manner consistent with School and District policies and procedures
  • establish and monitor appropriate behavior of students in extra-curricular activities
  • track and monitor student learning using a variety of techniques
  • prepare and administer assessments that are curriculum-aligned
  • grade assessments and assignments
  • keep current with district and state standardized testing and maximize student achievement on these tests
  • administer standardized tests in accordance with district testing programs
  • monitor performance and progress  and modify instructional methods to meet individual needs where necessary
  • foster good working relationships with students, teachers, counselors, administrators and other stakeholders to support the development and well being of the students
  • keep parents or guardians informed of students' academic progress and social and behavioral issues
  • coordinate parent/teacher conferences to review students' progress
  • maintain accurate and complete student records including attendance, grades, assessments and test scores as required by district and school procedures and regulations
  • participate in staff meetings and training sessions
  • undertake professional development activities to ensure continued professional growth and development of teaching skills


Education, Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor's degree in English teaching
  • certified by the state board as an English teacher
  • solid grounding in classroom management and school procedures
  • solid knowledge of subject matter including subject-specific curriculum and assessments
  • proficient in the use of technology and computer applications as required
  • up-to-date with latest teaching techniques and topics in English instruction


In accordance with the Waverly Teacher Contract

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