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JOB TITLE: Teaching Assistant

JOB TYPE: Full-time

LOCATION: Easterseals Learning Academy


  1. Successful completion of 60 semester hours of college credit from an accredited institution of higher education OR 
  2. Successful completion of the paraprofessional examination approved by Illinois State Board of Education.
  3. Experience in special education is preferred.
  4. Registered Behavior Technician certification or willingness to complete training.


The Teaching Assistant supports the teacher in providing designed instruction and educational programs for children who have a primary educational diagnosis of Autism, intellectual disability, or other health impairment. 

Regular term hours are 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday during the school year. 


Professional Responsibilities

  1. Demonstrate good attendance and punctuality in reporting to work assignments and meetings.
  2. Assist in providing academic and behavioral programming for students.
  3. Complete paperwork such as attendance, weekly schedule, requisitions, and other required forms accurately, promptly, and according to ESLA procedures.
  4. Perform day-to-day operations of the job showing self-confidence and independence.
  5. Seek consultation or guidance from the Teacher in unfamiliar situations, as needed.
  6. Work in close and frequent proximity to the Teacher.
  7. Communicate effectively with the Teacher.
  8. Assist Teacher in routine paperwork.
  9. Assist with making and preparing materials for classroom activities.
  10. Develop an awareness of each student’s special needs; become familiar with student records and information.
  11. Maintain a high standard of confidentiality.
  12. Demonstrate a positive attitude toward rules and regulations, notice, and comment on desirable aspects of student behavior, and demonstrate good humor and a reasonable sense of self-control over situations that help convey the attitude school can be beneficial and rewarding.
  13. Be flexible and capable of completing all tasks associated with the program.  
  14. Establish priorities to complete work, meet deadlines, and be prepared for class each day.
  15. Able to be reassigned as the need arises.
  16. Ability and willingness to function as a Team Member.
  17. Displays a high level of ethics and professionalism at all times.  
  18. Perform all other reasonable duties as assigned by ESLA administration and the Easterseals board and adhere to the mission of the organization.

Professional Development

  1. Will participate in professional development.
  2. Receive training and pass competencies in Crisis Prevention Intervention.
  3. Incorporate in the classroom new strategies and ideas obtained in professional development.
  4. Complete a professional development plan yearly.

Instructional Responsibilities

  1. Carry-out or conduct lessons or meetings with guidance and training from the teacher.
  2. Assist in the instructional process where appropriate.
  3. Actively move around the classroom to facilitate students’ learning.
  4. Support student learning by answering questions, modeling or demonstrating skills, and participating in classroom discussions.
  5. Promote student independence and generalization of skills in a variety of settings, as students show signs they are ready.
  6. Provide re-teaching, guided practice, and assistance with assignments/tests/tasks to promote the acquisition of new skills.
  7. Address specific functional or academic needs through modified activities, environmental accommodations, and adaptation.
  8. Communicate frequently with students providing specific and positive feedback.
  9. Support the teacher while following through with given tasks and routines.
  10. Support the development of student’s health and self-care by modeling, prompting, and positively reinforcing independence and self-care skills.

Classroom Management Responsibilities

  1. Be available to all students by physical proximity as well as visual contact.
  2. Understand, assist and document behavioral programming for students.  
  3. Receive training and pass competency tests in Crisis Prevention Intervention. 
  4. Utilize best practices in the application of CPI skills.
  5. Be prepared to engage in physical restraint of students, as necessary.
  6. Be prepared at all times to come to the aid of a staff member and/or student who may be in jeopardy of being harmed or attacked by a student.
  7. Supervise students involved in special activities, field trips, school programs, reintegration into home school, etc.
  8. Demonstrate consistent awareness of student’s safety and whereabouts.
  9. Supervise students during lunch, bathroom, and transitions outside of the classroom
  10. Be physically capable of lifting students repeatedly throughout the workday up to 50 pounds independently and assist other staff when lifting over 50 pounds.
  11. Be able to perform other physical movements such as bending and kneeling to deliver services to students.
  12. Use a variety of behavior management techniques.
  13. Intervene with students in a non-threatening and respectful manner.
  14. Monitor student and classroom activity.
  15. Promote and support the development of skills for students to monitor their own behavior.
  16. Follow through with any classroom management or individual student behavior plan.
  17. Be aware of student safety and whereabouts.
  18. Supervise students during times specified by the classroom teacher.


  1. Ability to lift and/or carry up to 50 pounds.
  2. Ability to work in various positions and perform various tasks such as stooping, bending, standing (up to one hour at a time), walking, reaching, grabbing, pushing, pulling, lifting, handling, seeing, talking and manually dexterity.


  1. Normal school setting with exposure to noise, dust, temperature and the like.
  2. Provides direct services to individuals and may be exposed to contagious diseases but potential for personal harm and injury is limited when proper safety and health precautions are used.


Easterseals Central Illinois is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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